Indiana Primary Hinges on Economy; "China Cheats" Campaign Presses Candidates to Speak Out on Trade

State-wide campaign demands commitment to end China's cheating on trade

laws; Trade deficit costing 9,040 Indiana jobs per year

Apr 24, 2008, 01:00 ET from Alliance for American Manufacturing

    WASHINGTON, April 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With economic worries
 entrenched in the minds of voters - and no end in sight - the Alliance for
 American Manufacturing (AAM) brought its influential advertising and
 grassroots campaign to Indiana today. The campaign - "China Cheats, Indiana
 Loses" - arrives in Indiana after its high-profile run in Pennsylvania,
 where it targeted the presidential candidates and successfully shifted the
 national trade debate from NAFTA to China.
     AAM's multi-faceted "China Cheats" campaign will continue urging the
 presidential candidates to speak out and hold China accountable for unfair
 trade practices that result in job losses. The campaign will run through
 the May 6th Indiana primary.
     "Voters who care about the economy are the dominant demographic for the
 primary candidates. The candidate who clearly commits to solving the China
 crisis is going to win Indiana," said AAM Director Scott Paul. "China
 cheats and Indiana loses - more than 45,200 jobs since 2001. China
 continues to play by different rules than everyone else, and voters in
 states with big manufacturing job losses like Pennsylvania and Indiana
 continue to be harmed."
     The "China Cheats" ads will appear in seven media markets across the
 state, including: Evansville, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend, Terre
 Haute, and two outlets in northwest Indiana. A PDF of the ad is posted at:
     AAM is a unique partnership of labor and management including the
 United Steelworkers and several leading U.S. manufacturers. Members of AAM
 Action, which includes retired and active employees, will be working across
 the state to press the candidates on trade and China issues. Modeled on
 recent Pennsylvania efforts, which greatly influenced the trade debate and
 included a candidate forum in Pittsburgh, the Indiana campaign will push
 for a discussion on China's illegal trade practices such as dumping,
 subsidies, and currency manipulation.
     "Our 'China Cheats' campaign features a hard-hitting, direct ad that
 makes it clear that when Washington lets China win, workers in cities like
 Gary and Indianapolis lose. The campaign will follow the candidates until
 primary day, and voters will be telling them, 'Before you get my vote, I
 want to know how you'll stop China's cheating,' " said Paul.
     AAM has also launched CandidateWatch
 (, a blog that will track what
 the candidates are saying, or not saying, about their plans to stop China
 from cheating on international trade laws.
     The damaging effects of unfair trade are clear across the state. AAM's
 analysis of Economic Policy Institute data found that Indiana lost 45,200
 jobs from 2001-2006 (all sectors) as a result of the U.S. trade deficit
 with China [source: EPI, 'Costly Trade with China'], for an average of
 9,040 lost jobs per year. Using an identical analysis, AAM found that
 Indiana lost an average of 3,196 jobs lost per year due to NAFTA [source:
 EPI, 'Revisiting NAFTA'].
     The U.S. racked up record annual trade deficits in 2007 with both China
 ($256 billion) and its NAFTA partners ($138 billion).
     A state-by-state breakout of U.S. jobs lost to China is available at:
     TEXT OF AD:
     China Cheats. Indiana Loses.
     Demand that the candidates put a stop to the cheating by enforcing our
 laws against unfair trade.
     Indiana has lost 109,800 manufacturing jobs since 2000. Why? Because
 too many in Washington are unwilling to enforce our laws against unfair
 trade, allowing countries like China to cheat, and putting U.S. workers and
 manufacturers at a disadvantage. Want proof? Our soaring $256 billion
 annual trade deficit with China has cost Indiana alone more than 45,200
 jobs and more than 1.8 million jobs nationwide.
     We need a President and a Congress who will stand up to China. Until
 then, China will continue to illegally subsidize their industries, keep the
 value of their currency low, dump their products in the U.S. and steal our
 jobs. Don't let them get away with it.
     The non-partisan, non-profit Alliance for American Manufacturing is a
 labor-management partnership between the United Steelworkers and major

SOURCE Alliance for American Manufacturing