Industrial Nanotech Inc. Announces Intent to Become Publicly Traded

Jan 05, 2005, 00:00 ET from Industrial Nanotech Inc.

    CHEYENNE, Wyo., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Industrial Nanotech Inc., an
 aspiring world leader in nanotechnology-based solutions, announces that the
 Company is in the process of completing an application to become listed on the
 Over-the-Counter "Pink Sheets" market under the stock ticker symbol "INTK".
 Industrial Nanotech's premier products include patent-pending Nansulate(TM),
 an industrial-grade liquid-applied insulation and corrosion inhibitor with
 revolutionary performance characteristics.
     "Several factors have influenced management's decision to bring Industrial
 Nanotech public and become listed on the Pink Sheets," stated Stuart Burchill,
 Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Nanotech.  "While the most notable
 factors are increases in access to institutional capital and exposure of our
 product lines to industrial and consumer markets, protecting our research
 interests and corporate associates is also a major priority.  The reporting
 requirements of the Pink Sheets allow us to safeguard certain information
 about our research, product development, and strategic alliances that could
 jeopardize the Company's competitiveness."
     "We welcome the recent regulatory changes requiring Pink Sheet companies
 to disclose current financial statements and material information to the
 investment community.  Industrial Nanotech believes that financial disclosure
 is a primary fiduciary responsibility of any public Company," added Mr.
     Industrial Nanotech's target markets consist of high volume industries
 such as shipping, manufacturing, construction and packaging.  Several of the
 Company's products developed primarily for industrial use have also become
 popular with small businesses and individual consumers.  Nansulate(TM) and
 future products released by Industrial Nanotech will be based on the latest
 advances in nanotechnology - the science of the manipulation of material at
 the atomic level.
     Since the Company's inception, revenue has experienced consistent growth
 with product sales spanning countries around the world.  Distributor
 Agreements have been signed with companies in the U.S., Canada, Turkey, and
 Colombia.  Additionally, the Company is currently in negotiations with
 companies in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, the U.K. and the
 Scandinavian countries.  Industrial Nanotech has filed a patent for its
 Nansulate(TM) product lines in the U.S. and internationally, with a second
 patent in progress on a new material which promises a significant
 technological breakthrough.
     Laurie Scherock, MBA, President of Industrial Nanotech, comments, "The
 Pink Sheets is often considered a high-risk market, yet includes many well-
 known corporations such as Nestle, Rand McNally, Deutsche Bank, Gucci,
 Heineken, Bombardier and Nintendo.  Industrial Nanotech is an emerging company
 and subsequently could be viewed as a high-risk investment.  However, we are
 confident in our ability to perform and, if successful, would not be the first
 company to start as a penny stock and grow into a household name and a
 mainstay of investment portfolios."
     About Industrial Nanotech Inc.
     Industrial Nanotech Inc. participates in nanotechnology research and
 development with the world's leading scientists and laboratories to create
 patented technologies and products.  The company produces and sells materials
 primarily for the heavy industry, manufacturing and shipping market sectors
 worldwide.  Several of the company's products developed for industry have
 applications in the broader market and are offered for sale to the general
 public.  The Company is currently conducting nanoscience-related research in
 advanced materials, molecular self-assembly, and industrial applications at
 facilities in New Mexico, Colorado, and New Jersey.  Products are available
 directly from the company or through a rapidly growing worldwide network of
 exclusive distributors.
     Matters discussed in this press release are "forward-looking statements."
 Statements describing objectives or goals or the Company's future plans are
 also forward-looking statements and are subject to certain risks and
 uncertainties, including the financial performance of the Company and market
 valuations of its stock, which could cause actual results to differ materially
 from those anticipated.
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