Industry Organizations Standardizing the Telecom Industry Showcase Progress at GLOBALCOMM 2006

CP-TA, OSDL and the SA Forum Drive Mainstream Market for Open Industry

Standards-based Communications Platforms

May 24, 2006, 01:00 ET from Communications Platforms Trade Association

    BEAVERTON, Ore., May 24 /PRNewswire/ --
     Who:    Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA)
             Open Source Development Labs (OSDL)
             Service Availability Forum (SA Forum)
     When:   June 5-7, 2006
     Where:  GLOBALCOMM 2006
             Booth #13048
             McCormick Place
             Chicago, Illinois
     What:   Together, CP-TA, OSDL and the SA Forum invite GLOBALCOMM attendees
             to learn about the importance of interoperability and open
             standards and how these groups are driving a mainstream market for
             standards-based communications platforms.  Illustrating the
             separate yet complementary roles they play in meeting the common
             goal, these organizations are exhibiting side-by-side in a joint
             booth #13048.
     Interop Panel
     Further educating event attendees, CP-TA, OSDL and SA Forum are joining
 PICMG and SCOPE Alliance on Monday, June 5 at 2 p.m. for an industry panel
 discussion. Held in the CP-TA / OSDL / SA Forum booth #13048, leaders from
 these organizations will explain how delivering on the promise of
 interoperable open standards-based building blocks will change the telecom
     "By exhibiting together at the inaugural GLOBALCOMM, we can communicate
 how we each contribute to the bigger, telecom pie," said Shlomo Pri-Tal,
 CP-TA Chairman. "We will make standards-based communications platforms a
 viable option for today's market by leveraging the progress that each group
 has made and by delivering the final piece -- interoperability testing and
     Bill Weinberg, OSDL's senior technology analyst said, "OSDL is
 dedicated to accelerating the growth and adoption of Linux and open source
 in the enterprise, in telecommunications, and beyond. Working with CP-TA
 and SA Forum helps ensure interoperability by enabling certification of key
 system building blocks, benefiting OSDL members, the open source community
 and interests across the IT industry."
     "This is the first time our organizations have come together at a show,
 and we are proud to participate with CP-TA and OSDL," said Tim Kober, SA
 Forum President. "SA Forum specifications are a critical component of
 carrier-grade base platforms and we are dedicated to enabling the
 commercial off-the-shelf ecosystem through their implementation. GLOBALCOMM
 attendees will walk away with the complete picture of how we are enabling
 this ecosystem."
     Presentation Theater at GLOBALCOMM
     Throughout the show, CP-TA, OSDL and the SA Forum will be delivering
 presentations in their booth. These presentations will provide overviews of
 the organizations and the industry landscape, as well as insight from
 leading telecom companies on the importance of standards.
     Interoperability Demonstrations
     CP-TA will demonstrate a Manageability Test Suite and an Airflow and
 Thermal Test. Creating objective and verifiable interoperability criteria
 and industry-harmonized test methodologies for thermal and manageability is
 the first step toward the certification of interoperable building blocks.
 The Manageability Test Suite demonstrates this unified approach to testing
 of shelf, shelf manager and blades from different manufacturers. In another
 demo, the CP-TA will exhibit test methodology for benchmarking of airflow
 in AdvancedTCA shelves.
     About the Communications Platforms Trade Association
     The Communications Platforms Trade Association is a global organization
 of communications platform and building block providers whose mission is to
 accelerate the adoption of SIG-governed, open-specification-based
 communication platforms through interoperability certification. Sponsor
 companies include Intel, Motorola, Artesyn Technologies, Fujitsu Siemens
 Computers, HP, Kontron, MontaVista Software, Nortel Networks and Wind
 River. For more information about the CP-TA, visit
     About the Open Source Development Lab
     OSDL -- home to Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux -- is dedicated to
 accelerating the growth and adoption of Linux. Founded in 2000 by CA,
 Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel and NEC, OSDL is a non-profit organization at the
 center of Linux supported by a global consortium of more than 60 of the
 world's largest Linux customers and IT industry leaders. OSDL sponsors
 industry-wide initiatives around Linux in telecommunications, in the
 enterprise data center and on corporate desktops. The Lab also provides
 Linux enterprise and computing and test facilities in the United States and
 Japan available to developers around the world. Visit OSDL on the Web at
     NOTE: OSDL is a registered trademark of Open Source Development Labs,
 Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
     About the Service Availability Forum
     The Service Availability(TM) Forum is a consortium of industry-leading
 communications and computing companies working together to foster an
 ecosystem that enables the use of commercial off-the-shelf building blocks
 in the creation of high availability network infrastructure products,
 systems and services. To achieve this goal, the Service Availability Forum
 develops and publishes high availability and management software interface
 specifications while promoting and facilitating their adoption by industry.
 Service Availability Forum membership offers the opportunity to help frame
 and implement the Service Availability solution. For more information about
 the Service Availability Forum, visit

SOURCE Communications Platforms Trade Association