ING Renault F1 Team Chooses Appro Xtreme-X(TM) Supercomputers for New Computational Fluid Dynamics Centre in UK

Appro to Support Renault's Drive for Performance in Formula 1 Racing

Mar 04, 2008, 00:00 ET from Appro

    MILPITAS, Calif., March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Appro (,
 a leading provider of high-performance enterprise computing systems, today
 announced that it has been awarded a contract for a 38TF Appro Xtreme-X(TM)
 Supercomputer for the ING Renault F1 Team Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
 Centre, a brand new modern technology-driven research facility designed to
 place Renault "in the pole position" in Formula 1 competition. This award
 marks another milestone for Appro's supercomputers in international HPC
 markets. The Appro Xtreme-X2 Supercomputer will be shipped and installed by
 Appro at the Renault F1 CFD Centre in the UK by the end of June, 2008.
     Appro's supercomputer will provide the ING Renault F1 Team's CFD Centre
 with a five-fold increase in CFD computing capacity with the ability to run
 full-car simulations in addition to the aerodynamic testing of components
 such as the front and rear wings, turning vanes, brake ducts, fuel tanks
 and more. Appro's Xtreme-X2 meets the capability computing and high
 availability requirements needed for the new CFD Centre computational
 resources. At current conservative development rates, the expanded facility
 will provide 50% of the gains of a fully-efficient mature wind-tunnel for
 less than 50% of the investment. With this added computing capacity
 provided by Xtreme-X2, the Renault F1 Team will generate a measurable
 competitive advantage to further establish the company as a technology
 leader in Formula 1 racing. The Supercomputer will also be used to expand
 the current computational support for Renault F1's integration into the
 Renault-Nissan group's research and development efforts. This integration
 means a valuable CFD resource will be made available at minimum cost to
 other business units for research beyond Formula 1.
     "We are extremely pleased to work with ING Renault F1 Team to provide
 improved computing capability, better reliability, superior system
 performance and an outstanding management system delivered by Appro
 Xtreme-X2 Supercomputers"; said Daniel Kim, CEO of Appro. "Appro is excited
 to partner with a technology innovator like Renault to achieve the
 competitive edge in Formula 1 and beyond."
     "Renault is looking forward to the installation of the Appro Xtreme-X2
 Supercomputer to enhance our CFD Centre computational resources"; said Bob
 Bell, Technical Director of ING Renault F1 Team. "Appro not only offered us
 a cost effective solution but they also improved our required technical
 specification through better reliability, greater fault tolerance and
 redundancy as well as more flexibility with regards to system scalability.
     The Xtreme-X2 supercomputer to be delivered to the Renault F1's CFD
 centre is based on Quad-Core AMD Opteron(TM) processor compute nodes. As
 configured, the computer has a peak capability of 38TF and is provisioned
 and managed as a single unified supercomputing system. The system has 4.4TB
 of high performance local memory with a usable aggregate bandwidth of more
 than 8Terrabytes/s. Each dual processor node has a peak capability of more
 than 70Gigaflops. The compute nodes in the system are interconnected by a
 dual-rail double data rate Infiniband interconnect fabric that provides
 reduced inter-processor latency and improved system reliability.
     The system comes pre-configured with the Appro Management System that
 supports a dual-rail Infiniband network as a load balanced fault-tolerant
 interconnect and allows the use of shared receive queues with multi-channel
 operation. The software is designed to maximize the bandwidth associated
 with MPI processes and to support non-stop operation for mission critical
 operations. The system is supported by large memory and visualization nodes
 equipped with dual Graphic Processing Units (GPU) to allow large panel
 displays to show simulation results. The system also includes a global
 parallel file system that is bridged directly to the Infiniband fabric
 allowing high bandwidth parallel access to the file system from all of the
 compute nodes. In addition, separate from the supercomputers, Appro will
 deliver multiple XtremeWorkstations based on Quad-Core AMD Opteron(TM)
 processors to ING Renault F1 Team with an impressive amount of memory and
 GPU performance.
     The Appro Xtreme-X2 supercomputer is managed by the Appro Cluster
 Engine (ACE) management software providing a complete, remote lights-out
 management solution for the entire system including the interconnect
 networks, servers, clusters, resource management and scheduling. It also
 supports diskless operation with standard Linux distributions and fast boot
 operations independent of the system size. ACE also supports network load
 balancing and failover. ACE provides a total management capability for
 maximum performance and non-stop operation.
     IDC projects that the CAE/CFD market segment alone will more than
 double in this decade to reach nearly $2 billion in 2010," said Steve
 Conway, IDC research vice president, technical computing. "The ING Renault
 F1 Team contract shows that Appro can win HPC procurements with a demanding
 mix of requirements, in this case including dual-rail DDR interconnect
 capability and heterogeneous processing that combines x86 and streaming GPU
     "The intense computational demands of the ING Renault F1 Team are best
 addressed by innovative HPC solutions that can deliver enhanced performance
 while keeping power costs low," said Patrick Patla, Director of Product
 Management, Server/Workstation Division, AMD (NYSE:   AMD). "The combination
 of AMD's revolutionary Direct Connect Architecture which provides
 outstanding system-level performance, and industry-leading features such as
 AMD's innovative power management capabilities and the new AMD Wide
 Floating Point Accelerator, a 128-bit floating point unit for increased
 floating-point performance, all combine to make native Quad-Core AMD
 Opteron processors an ideal computing solution for Renault's
 compute-intensive CFD Centre."
     About Appro
     Appro is a leading developer of innovative workstations,
 density-managed servers, clusters and supercomputers. Appro is uniquely
 positioned to support High-Performance Computing markets focusing on medium
 to large-scale deployments where lowest total cost of ownership is a
 primary consideration. Appro accelerates technical applications and
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     About Renault
     The ING Renault F1 Team was born in 2002 with a singular purpose:
 winning the FIA Formula One World Championship with a 100% Renault car.
 Drawing on a heritage of motorsport innovation that stretches back to
 Renault's first Formula 1 race in 1977, and includes six world
 constructors' championships during the 1990s when Renault supplied V10
 engines to front-running F1 competitors, the team steadily grew in
 competitiveness since 2002 thanks to a blend of performance, reliability
 and technology reinforced by the engineering expertise of the Renault
 Group. The team reached the pinnacle of performance during the 2005 and
 2006 seasons, winning the drivers' and constructors' championships in both
 seasons in an historic double-double achievement. After such highs, 2007
 proved to be a difficult year, but the resolve remains strong for 2008.
 With renewed optimism, an exciting driver line-up and innovative technical
 package, the team approaches the new season determined to bounce back and
 ready to fight at the front of the field.
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 Micro Devices, Inc.