Innovative Technology of America Joins Safety Warning System(R)

Sep 29, 2000, 01:00 ET from Safety Warning System, L.C.

    ENGLEWOOD, Fla., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative Technology of
 America, of Champaign, Illinois, has become the newest licensee of the Safety
 Warning System(R) (SWS), the exciting new microwave-based driver alert
 technology. The company specializes in producing Safety Warning System(R)
 transmitters for utility crews, school zones, school buses and slow-moving
     SWS transmitters can generate any of 64 different text messages in SWS
 receivers, allowing drivers to know exactly what type of hazard, special
 traffic condition or roadside service they are approaching. Approximately 15
 million of the receivers-mainly SWS-enhanced radar detectors-have been sold
 since 1996.
     Innovative Technology of America was formed in 1998 to develop, produce
 and sell safety transmitters. The company believes the most effective way of
 warning drivers of nearby hazards is inside their vehicles rather than with
 more signs, flashing lights and message boards alongside the road. The Safety
 Warning System(R) is the ideal tool for accomplishing this goal.
     Innovative Technology of America is concentrating on four types of
 dedicated SWS transmitters that have a range of 3,000 feet, while those for
 use by utility crews, in school zones and by slow-moving vehicles, such as
 garbage trucks and agricultural machinery, also are available in models with a
 two-mile range for rural areas. Messages seen by drivers using SWS receivers
 include "Utility Work Crew Ahead," "School Zone Ahead," "School Bus
 Loading/Unloading" and "Slow Moving Vehicle."
     "We are very pleased to have Innovative Technology of America join the
 Safety Warning System(R) family," commented Janice Lee, president of Safety
 Warning System, L.C., the organization that oversees development of the
 technology. "Work crews, schools and slow-moving vehicles all present
 important traffic safety problems that will be addressed by Innovative
 Technology's products."
     Innovative Technology joins MPH Industries in manufacturing SWS
 transmitters. Some 200 transmitters are in use in 33 states. In addition to
 its member companies, Escort, Uniden and Whistler, BG Tech and SK Global are
 licensed manufacturers of SWS receivers in the United States.
     For additional information, contact Innovative Technology of America at
 2702 North Mattis Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821; telephone, 217-351-8805; . Safety Warning System, L.C. may be contacted at 2400
 North Beach Road, Unit 12, Englewood, FL 34223; 941-473-1555; .

SOURCE Safety Warning System, L.C.