Insignia's Jeode PDA Edition Incorporated Into Developer Unit of Sharp Zaurus Handheld Device

Platform Also Leverages Software From Lineo, Trolltech and Opera

Nov 05, 2001, 00:00 ET from Insignia Solutions, Inc.

     FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ --
 Insignia Solutions(R) (Nasdaq:   INSG), the leading provider of accelerated
 Java(TM) software solutions for information appliances, announced today that
 the Embedix Plus PDA platform -- which includes Insignia's Jeode(TM) PDA
 Edition -- will be bundled in Sharp Corporation's newly-available SL-5000D
 developer unit.  The Zaurus SL-5000D platform is the first robust Linux/Java-
 based handheld from a major consumer electronics corporation and leverages
 Embedix Plus PDA platform, which includes Lineo Inc.'s Embedix Linux,
 Trolltech AS's GUI application framework, Opera AS's Opera 5 for Linux web
 browser, and Jeode PDA Edition.  Also included is Trolltech's Qt Palmtop user
 interface and application suite.
     Starting today, Sharp is accepting pre-orders from the developer community
 for the SL-5000D developer unit.  This product is intended to seed developers
 with the hardware and tools required to develop rich Linux and Java
 applications in support of future commercial releases of the Zaurus PDA.  For
 more information, please visit the Sharp PDA Linux/Java developer website at .
     Introduced in June, Embedix Plus PDA offers a powerful development
 environment for configuring, customizing and deploying embedded Linux software
 solutions.  "The Embedix Plus PDA platform brings together the strengths of
 Lineo, Trolltech AS, Insignia and Opera Software, the leading developers in
 Linux and Java-based software, to deliver powerful, application-rich solutions
 for all information appliances," said Steve Petix, vice president, Mobile & IT
 Solutions Group, for Sharp Electronics Corporation.  "This combination of
 innovative technologies enables the Zaurus SL-5000D to offer incredible
 potential for the developer community."
     The Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) in Jeode PDA Edition has been
 implemented to leverage Trolltech's Qt/Embedded and Qt Palmtop GUI technology.
 This architectural approach means Java applications automatically adopt the
 familiar look-and-feel of that environment and enables the use of platform-
 specific fonts and language support.  This coupled with the Jeode platform's
 unique Java acceleration technology, means that Java programmers can create
 applications for the SL-5000D that both perform and appear as compelling as
 those written in traditional compiled languages. Insignia has also implemented
 a complete implementation of the Java Native Interface (JNI) protocol to allow
 developers to support platform-specific functionality (e.g., bar code readers,
 power management, USB port access) through Java classes.
     "The implementation of Jeode PDA Edition for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D is
 a landmark event that accentuates our strength in the mobile market and
 illustrates the quality of our relationships with channel partners like
 Lineo," said Richard Noling, chief executive officer of Insignia Solutions.
 "The Sharp Linux and Java technology-based Zaurus is a powerful, exciting
 handheld device that has captured the attention of the Linux and Java
 developer communities.  Our Jeode PDA Edition provides the robust Java virtual
 machine environment and powerful configuration tools to support this high
 profile initiative.  The results of our collaboration with Lineo, Trolltech
 and Opera have been superb."
     "Lineo and its partners welcome the opportunity to work with a global
 electronics powerhouse like Sharp," said Bryan Sparks, chief executive officer
 of Lineo, Inc. "Together we are producing the next-generation PDA to
 revolutionize the smart handheld devices market. Application developers and
 any users will benefit from a full featured PDA running an open standards
 software platform."
     "The fact that Sharp has chosen to go for a Linux/Java-based handheld is
 very exciting," says Hakon Lie, CTO, Opera Software ASA. "The combination of
 the quality products offered by the partners behind Lineo's Embedix Plus PDA
 will make the Sharp Zaurus a very attractive platform for developers."
     "The combination of these technologies offers an exciting 'Third Way' for
 the PDA market. Not Palm. Not PocketPC. Instead, a powerful environment that
 gives users unique benefits at every level," says Haavard Nord, Trolltech's
 CEO. "Sharp provides an amazingly slick piece of hardware. Lineo's embedded
 Linux provides a stable and scalable foundation. Insignia's Jeode JVM gives
 access to Java-based content. Opera's embedded browser extends its superb
 desktop software into this space. And Trolltech provides two things:  strong
 and lightweight GUI technologies; and a powerful, intuitive application
 environment that gives consumers exactly what they need to thrive in the world
 of mobile computing.  We have worked closely with to tightly integrate Qt/
 Embedded, the leading embedded Linux GUI, and Jeode PDA Edition, the leading
 Java environment for information appliances.  We could not be more pleased
 with the results of this partnership."
     Lineo Embedix
     Lineo(R) Embedix(TM) is an embedded Linux-based software solution that
 adds the power and connectivity of Linux to customized embedded devices.
 Embedix is engineered specifically for the unique speed, memory and storage
 requirements of embedded devices. Embedix provides the power of Linux, the
 flexibility of feature selection, and the hardware support that enables you to
 create a customized kernel for multiple solutions. The modular architecture
 allows you to compile selected features into an Embedix kernel that meets your
 specific performance and size requirements.
     Qt/Embedded and Qt Palmtop
     Trolltech AS's Qt/Embedded provides tools to create stunning graphical
 user interfaces for embedded applications. Qt/Embedded is a C++ GUI toolkit
 and windowing system that brings the full power of Qt, and all of its
 advantages, to embedded Linux systems. It combines small size, rich
 functionality, and the ability to build code in familiar environments to allow
 programmers to quickly create solutions for embedded systems. The Qt Palmtop
 Environment is a complete Window System, Window Manager, Application Launcher,
 Input Methods (virtual keyboard, etc.), a commercial-grade GUI toolkit, and a
 collection of useful applications, all written using the standard Qt API --
 the same API found on Qt/X11 and Qt/Windows.
     Opera 5 for Linux Web Browser
     Platforms and applications running on embedded Internet devices are
 usually scaled down to fit the memory-challenged device. To address this
 issue, Opera Software has developed a Web browser for the embedded market that
 is small in size, fast and configurable while still full-featured. These
 cross-platform characteristics allow the browser to be quickly ported to other
 emerging platforms requiring little overall maintenance.
     Jeode PDA Edition
     Jeode PDA Edition provides the Lineo software platform with Java
 functionality, including the ability to view Java applets, and run Java-based
 enterprise applications, such as sales force automation and order entry.  It
 incorporates the Jeode EVM(TM) runtime engine, a "Sun Authorized Virtual
 Machine" that is fully compatible with the PersonalJava(TM) specification, and
 supports all PersonalJava 1.2 class libraries, including optional classes.  As
 with all Insignia products, Jeode PDA Edition leverages the company's dynamic
 adaptive compilation (DAC(TM)) and precise, concurrent garbage collection
 technologies to deliver superior performance, and responsive and robust Java
 application behavior.  Insignia also provides developers with the tools they
 need to configure and tune the Jeode EVM runtime engine and DAC to meet the
 requirements of each specific device and application.
     Jeode Platform
     The Jeode platform enables accelerated and robust Java functionality on
 information appliances.  A "Sun Authorized Virtual Machine" fully compatible
 with the PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava(TM) specifications, the Jeode EVM
 runtime engine can execute Java applications 6-10 times faster than
 interpretive JVMs in roughly the same amount of memory.
     Key attributes include:
     -- Industry leading accelerated performance and efficient memory
        utilization through patent-pending dynamic adaptive compilation (DAC)
        and precise, concurrent garbage collection technologies
     -- Configurability and tunability to meet the diverse needs of information
        appliance developers
     -- A turn-key software solution already ported and tested on popular RTOS/
        microprocessor combinations:
        -- Operating systems include BSDI Unix, ITRON, Linux, Nucleus, pSOS,
           VxWorks, Windows CE and Windows NT4
        -- Microprocessors include ARM, Hitachi SH-3 and SH-4, Intel x86, MIPS,
           PowerPC and StrongARM
     Sharp Electronics Corporation
     Sharp Electronics Corporation is the U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary
 of Japan's Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of the core digital
 technologies that are playing an integral role in shaping the next generation
 of mobile computing products for consumer and business needs. Since creating
 the Wizard(R) electronic organizer in 1989, Sharp has led the market in
 introducing innovative handheld computing products.  Sharp is also the global
 leader in LCD technology, which is incorporated into leading-edge LCD monitors
 and projectors.  From the small office/home office (SOHO) to large corporate
 environments, Sharp provides a variety of innovative, computer-related
 solutions designed to help increase productivity while providing functionality
 to meet customer demand.  Dedicated to improving people's lives through the
 use of advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value and
 design, Sharp Electronics employs approximately 2,900 people nationwide to
 support its more than 50 product lines.
     Lineo, Inc.
     Lineo, Inc. provides Linux-based embedded systems, real-time and high
 availability solutions that include software, hardware reference designs and
 professional services. Lineo's solutions allow OEMs to create devices and
 systems that interact with the Internet while helping OEMs to reduce system
 requirements, per-unit costs and time-to-market. The company's key product
 lines include: Embedix(TM) (embedded Linux system software), uClinux(TM)
 (embedded Linux for MMU-less processors), SecureEdge(TM) (Linux-based Internet
 appliances including VPN Internet routers, network attached storage and
 firewalls), RTXC(TM) (general purpose and DSP real-time operating system),
 BeaconSuite(TM) (x86 development toolkit), RTXC(TM) Quadros(TM) (a real-time
 operating system for multi-processor devices) and Availix(TM) (mission-
 critical high availability Linux cluster solutions). Contact Lineo at, via e-mail to or by calling 801-426-5001.
     Trolltech develops, supports, and markets Qt, Qt/Embedded, and Qt Palmtop.
 Qt and Qt/Embedded are C++ cross platform development frameworks (the embedded
 version includes its own windowing system) that let programmers rapidly build
 state-of-the-art GUI applications for desktop and embedded environments using
 a "write once, compile anywhere" strategy. They have been used to develop
 hundreds of successful commercial applications worldwide. Qt Palmtop is an
 embedded application environment that uses Qt/Embedded to provide simple,
 powerful, intuitive, and flexible application solutions for embedded systems.
 Trolltech is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Santa Clara,
 California, and Brisbane, Australia.
     Opera Software
     Opera Software AS is an industry leader in the development of Web browsers
 for the desktop and device markets. The Opera browser has received
 international recognition from end-users and the industry press for being
 faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than other browsers. Opera
 Software AS is a privately held company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Learn
 more about Opera at
     Insignia Solutions
     Insignia Solutions is the leading provider of accelerated Java software
 solutions that dynamically optimize the use of available system resources.
 Insignia's patent-pending Jeode virtual machine technologies are licensed by
 such leading companies as BSQUARE Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation,
 Echelon Corporation, Fujitsu PC, Gemstar/TV Guide, Humax, Intel Corporation,
 Motorola, NCR Corporation, Nortel Networks, Olivetti, Philips Semiconductor,
 Phoenix Technologies, Quantum Corporation, Siemens AG, Toshiba Information
 Systems, Victor Data Systems (a subsidiary of JVC), ViewSonic and Wind River
 Systems.  Insignia Solutions is publicly-held with headquarters in Fremont,
 California, and its main R&D facilities in High Wycombe, England. Sales and
 marketing departments are located in Fremont and High Wycombe. For additional
 information on Insignia and its products, call 800-848-7677 in the United
 States, +44 (0)1628 539 500 in Europe, +81 3 5404 3440 in Japan or visit the
 company's website at .
     NOTE:  Insignia, Insignia Solutions, the Insignia Solutions logo and the
 Jeode logo are registered trademarks and Jeode, Embedded Virtual Machine, EVM
 and DAC are trademarks of Insignia Solutions, Inc. Sun Microsystems, Sun,
 Java, EmbeddedJava, and PersonalJava are trademarks or registered trademarks
 of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.  All other
 trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
     Forward Looking Statements
     The statements in this press release relating to matters that are not
 historical are forward-looking statements that involve risks and
 uncertainties.  These forward-looking statements include the anticipated
 timing of product releases, the expected customer demand for existing and new
 products, the expected revenue from product sales, the growth of the market
 for Insignia Solutions' products, and the market demand for the Jeode
 platform. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated. There
 can be no assurance that the company will be able to market and support the
 Jeode product or customers will accept that such product. The company's
 business is subject to a variety of other risks and uncertainties that
 include, but are not limited to, rapid technological changes in the industry,
 increased competition, and timely introduction and customer acceptance of the
 Company's products.  These and other risks and uncertainties are further
 described in the Company's Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2000 and
 will be described from time to time in the Company's other filings with the
 Securities and Exchange Commission.
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