Insite Security Rolls Out Human Factor Integrity Assurance Practice

Former FBI Deception Expert to Provide "Human Lie-Detector" Service to Clients to Help them Avoid Investing in Fraudulent Vehicles

Oct 14, 2009, 12:20 ET from Insite Security

NEW YORK, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The past year has been called the year of the Ponzi scheme. Tens of thousands of investors lost upwards of $100 billion to fraudulent schemes like those run by Bernie Madoff and Samuel Israel of Bayou Investments. To help investors identify and avoid investing in future schemes, Insite Security (, has launched its Human Factor Integrity Assurance practice, led by Elizabeth Prial, Ph.D.

Insite's Human Factor Integrity practice is an extension of the company's current due diligence offering. The new offering mixes best-in-breed investigative and due diligence practices with the unique addition of deception detection analysis.

Former FBI Agent and behavior analyst Dr. Elizabeth Prial has joined Insite Security to offer the company's clients a comprehensive behavioral assessment of the individuals with whom they are considering an investment or engagement. Dr. Prial's expertise in human factor analysis can help avert disaster by providing on-site observation and real-time feedback regarding the veracity of a subject's statements and the congruence between their verbal and non-verbal behaviors. Dr. Prial is one of a handful of experts globally who have been trained by the U.S. Government and other experts in detecting deception, facial action coding, micro-expression recognition and statement analysis.

"Investors are looking for assurances that go beyond traditional due diligence practices. They want to know that the firms and individuals they are investing with are honest, reliable and truthful. Current due diligence are designed to protect and detect frauds that are similar to those that have occurred in the past. Fraudsters are smart: learn from the past and design new schemes that are not susceptible to whatever standard due diligence entails," said Chris Falkenberg, Founder and President of Insite Security. "Dr. Prial brings a skill set to the due diligence process that is nearly impossible to overcome. Her ability to detect deception is truly exceptional, and will bring investors a peace of mind that no other due diligence offering can provide."

Falkenberg concluded, "Traditional methods of due diligence focus on a company's financials and overlook the common denominator found in the wake of each case of investment fraud: the human factor. The hallmark of recently exposed investment schemes has been a person's ability to deceive the investor, the SEC, and auditors. They can't fool Dr. Prial."

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