Instant Holographic Imaging and Information Spectrum Team to Produce New Holographic Technology for Forgery Proof Identification Cards

Sep 13, 1999, 01:00 ET from Instant Holographic Imaging, Inc.

     ARLINGTON, Va., DEFENDING CYBERSPACE '99, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ --
 Instant Holographic Imaging, Inc. (IHI) and Information Spectrum, Inc. (ISI)
 today announced a Teaming Agreement that will bring a new generation of
 Forgery Proof identification cards and documents to the high growth security
 industry.  These new applications will result from the merge of IHI's patented
 Instant Holographic Technology and ISI's proven expertise in systems
 engineering and integration.
     IHI's Core Patents cover the optical geometry to create One Step Multiple
 Exposure Holograms.  In effect, these are Personalized Holographic Optical
 Memory Chips.  The chips record "Read Only" stored data.  Initial applications
 include Biometrics, or the Visual Identification & Recognition of ID
 Card/Smart Card holders.  The technology renders documentation virtually
     These Unique Chips can also be programmed to include a wide array of
 custom security options such as:  Finger Prints, Bar Codes, Encryption Codes,
 Medical History, Agency or Corporate Logo Identification, and Covert Features
 devised to meet project specifications.  IHI's Optical Memory Chip can be
 programmed from Photographic or Computer Generated Digital Sources (LCD)
 either locally or remotely, and can function from a Visual Interface, Hardware
 (Reader) Interface or both.  Apart from Driver's Licenses, Credit and Smart
 Cards, the technique is designed for such other uses as:  National
 Identification Cards, Social Security Cards, Passports, Visas, EBT and Health
 Care Identification.
     IHI's Patented Technology has evolved over nearly three decades of
 research and development, by IHI's President, Jeff Allen and Chief Scientist,
 Britton Zabka, who were involved with many of holography's significant
 breakthroughs before joining forces to launch Instant Holographic Imaging,
 Inc. in 1997.
     IHI's Technology, according to Jeff Allen, "reduces the time to produce
 custom holograms from hours to just a few seconds, and introduces an economy
 of scale to mass markets that improves quality while significantly lowering
     Britton Zabka's sense is that. . . "IHI's proven ability to create a
 cutting edge technology, whose speed, versatility and economy can produce a
 superior result, will open markets to applications thought to be
 unapproachable before, and will also provide product performance and
 functionality that is limited only by our imagination."
     Information Spectrum's (ISI) International Reputation has established it
 as an industry leader in Secure Personal Identification Products and Systems.
 Their client list includes 13 Departments of the United States Government, and
 26 Governments world wide.  ISI's highly regarded Technology Applications
 Group is responsible for developing the Integrated Card Production System ...
 a family of Identification Card personalization equipment that utilizes and
 bundles select and unique advanced emerging technologies into integrated
 turnkey solutions for its clients' highly specialized security needs.
     ISI Executive Vice President, Bill Alsbrooks, lauded his company's
 association with IHI adding, "The combination of ISI's background, experience
 and management capabilities coupled with IHI's Holographic Technological
 Security Breakthrough and past holographic expertise will create a formidable
 presence in this rapidly growing security market."

SOURCE Instant Holographic Imaging, Inc.