Intacct Web-based Accounting Service Extends XML Developer Kit to Potential Integration Partners

Leading Provider of Enterprise-Class Online Accounting Offers First Full

Accounting-Based XML Kit Service to Ease Integration Process

Jul 09, 2001, 01:00 ET from Intacct Corporation

    LOS GATOS, Calif., July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Intacct Corporation, the leading
 provider of enterprise-class online accounting, today announced the launch of
 the XML Developer Kit, part of its XML partner integration program.
     The XML Developer Kit (XDK), which is available for a nominal fee to
 Intacct's E-Practice and other channel partners, is designed to streamline the
 integration of third-party web-based business services with Intacct's online
 accounting and auditing solutions through the publication of Intacct's
 standards-based XML application programming interface.
     XML, or eXtensible Markup Language, is an enhancement to the Web's
 ubiquitous HTML coding that enables web-based applications to automatically
 exchange and make sense of specially tagged data without requiring customized
 data integration. Intacct was the first company to use XML to fully integrate
 an auditing module (co-developed with Big Five accounting firm,
 Deloitte & Touche) and a payroll application with a professional accounting
     "We are convinced that XML is the Rosetta Stone of web-based services,"
 remarked David Thomas, CEO of Intacct, in launching the XDK. "By enabling
 critical business applications to seamlessly talk with one another in ways
 never before possible, we are hastening the emergence of the fully connected
     Intacct's partners and clients have found the XML integration process to
 be a smooth and virtually painless one.
     "Many companies talk about XML, but Intacct has more than delivered on
 their promise," commented Jon Finegold, Director of Business Development at
 Boston-based, Inc., an Intacct application partner and leader in
 web-based professional services automation solutions. "Intacct provided both a
 superb, well thought out XML development kit and, more importantly, a
 top-notch team to collaborate with on launching our fully integrated
     "We found the implementation of the XML SDK to be easy and intuitive
 withplenty of sample transactions," concluded Mark Bench, Senior Internet
 Analyst for CBS Payroll, another Intacct application partner and provider of
 leading-edge employer services to U.S. businesses. "Each XML API is consistent
 in structure and naming convention. The error checking of XML documents at the
 gateway is very thorough and complete."
     "The Intacct XML Gateway does third party integration the way every
 engineer knows it should be done," added Jason Coverton, Technical Director
 for Intralight of Orem, Utah, an Intacct E-Practice partner and leader in
 end-to-end retail automation and services. "With most integration projects, we
 often feel like we're moving 20 years into the past. With Intacct, we were
 able to see how the entire system fit together very quickly. They took care of
 all of the Meta data mapping for us."
     Added Johannes Jaskolski, Founder & VP Technology of Connecticut-based
 PRMSoft, another Intacct E-Practice partner and a developer of patient
 relationship management solutions, "Working hand-in-hand with true
 professionals, and attaining our common goal by enabling rapid application
 integration via XML technology, sets Intacct apart from the rest."
     XDK Benefits
     To accelerate the application integration process, Intacct's XML Developer
 Kit includes five hours of consulting time with Intacct's XML development
 team, who systematically evaluate partners' integration needs and then advise
 them on the best strategy for meeting these needs. E-Practice and channel
 partners are also provided with an XML Gateway account on Intacct servers, and
 a demo, or "sandbox," company to perform a trial integration. Additionally,
 the XDK includes comprehensive support documentation through custom Intacct
 publications including, The Intacct XML Library and Using the Intacct XML
     About Intacct Corporation
     Intacct Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise-class online
 accounting. The Intacct accounting system is designed for companies that need
 more than an entry-level PC-based accounting package but want an alternative
 to complex, IT-intensive client/server solutions. In addition to its core
 accounting functionality, the Intacct system also includes Intacct Audit,
 co-developed with Deloitte & Touche. Offered on a monthly subscription basis,
 the Intacct accounting system can be accessed via any current web browser.
     Intacct is headed by accounting software pioneer David C. Thomas,
 developer of one of the first PC-based accounting systems. The company is
 funded by Goldman Sachs & Co., Deloitte & Touche LLP, Hummer Winblad Venture
 Partners, JK&B Capital, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., and
 Caltos Capital LLC.
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SOURCE Intacct Corporation