Intacct Web-Based Accounting Service Offers Online Faxing of Reports And Documents

New, Touch-of-a-Button Functionality Allows Intacct Users to Send Reports

And Documents Via E-mail or Fax Over the Web

Mar 15, 2001, 00:00 ET from Intacct Corporation

    LOS GATOS, Calif., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Intacct Corporation, the
 leading provider of professional-strength, web-based accounting and related
 online business services, today announced it has teamed with
 j2 Global Communications (Nasdaq:   JCOM), a web-based provider of messaging and
 communications services, to create electronic faxing of complete or partial
 accounting reports and documents over the Web.
     Intacct and j2 developed the new functionality after listening to requests
 about cumbersome delivery of reports and analysis, especially the difficulty
 of sending a single page or two of lengthy reports.
     The new Intacct feature, though simple in concept, gives users the
 flexibility to send a single page, multiple pages or complete documents in
 either an e-mail or e-Fax(TM) format without tedious printing, faxing or
 mailing of reports.  The j2-created functionality will be fully integrated
 into all sections of Intacct's web-based accounting and business services.
     "With this partnership, we have now created an effective solution to the
 nagging problem of sending single pages or partial reports for analysis," said
 David Thomas, CEO of Intacct.  "Using Intacct's web-based service, businesses
 will be able to send an electronic fax or e-mail small sections of longer
 financial reports, without the delay of wading through entire documents, to
 their bank, customers, vendors, employees, clients or CPA," Thomas added.
     Intacct's alliance strategy
     Intacct has made several strategic alliances with industry leaders that
 integrate key services into Intacct's core accounting offering.  The alliances
 enable Intacct subscribers to take advantage of the benefits of the Web for
 such tasks as online auditing, professional billing and expense reporting,
 online bill payment, payroll, and human resource services.
     About j2
     J2 provides a variety of business critical communications and messaging
 services via its global communications/telephony/messaging network.  Through
 three distinct sales channels -- Web, Corporate and OEM, j2 provides services
 to more than 4.3 million users.  The global network is capable of providing
 billing, customer support, transport, value added applications and a local
 presence (four continents, 157 cities and 14 countries).  To contact j2,
 please call 323-860-9200.
     About Intacct Corporation
     Intacct Corporation is the first company to provide professional-strength,
 web-based accounting and related online business services.  Intacct is
 designed for companies that need more than an entry-level PC-based accounting
 package, but want an alternative to complex, IT-intensive client/server
 solutions.  Offered on a monthly subscription basis, the Intacct service can
 be accessed via any browser.
     Intacct was founded in June 1999 by accounting software pioneer
 David C. Thomas, developer of one of the first PC-based accounting systems.
 Intacct is funded by venture capital firms Hummer Winblad Venture Partners,
 JK&B Capital, and Caltos Capital LLC, as well as by Goldman, Sachs & Co,
 Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.

SOURCE Intacct Corporation