Integrated Nano-Technologies Tests the BioDetect(TM) Nano-Scale System Technology for Detecting Biological Agents

In Collaboration With U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

Mar 28, 2005, 00:00 ET from Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC

    ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Integrated Nano-Technologies
 (INT) announced that in a collaborative test with the U.S. Army Edgewood
 Chemical Biological Center, INT successfully demonstrated proof of concept for
 INT's novel technology platform (BioDetect(TM)) for the detection of
 biological agents.  A recently released test report details how the technology
 successfully detected anthrax DNA.
     The BioDetect(TM) system will integrate DNA and microelectronics into a
 field portable system. Since it does not require complicated DNA amplification
 technology, results will be obtained more rapidly, with less training and
 under more environmentally adverse conditions than with other approaches.
     "This successful collaborative test of the BioDetect(TM) technology is a
 key step in the development of this novel system," said Doyle Hill, Vice
 President and Chief Operating Officer of INT.  "We are extremely encouraged by
 the performance of our technology in an external setting.  We are planning
 additional testing with the Army in the near future."
     The BioDetect(TM) system will be a fully automated, portable,
 non-amplified nucleic acid identification system that will be able to
 accurately detect the presence of biological agents, such as SARS, anthrax and
 smallpox, in as little as 20 minutes.
     About INT's Technology
     Integrated Nano-Technologies' core technology is a unique integration of
 molecular biology, chemistry and microelectronics that facilitates the
 development of technically advanced detection systems and other devices.
 Biological agent identification is based on the ability of DNA probes on a
 microchip to attract and bind to specific sequences in the DNA of a target
 organism.  DNA is extracted from a sample and passed over a sensor, where it
 attaches to the organism-specific probes.  The attached strands are metalized
 through a chemical process, producing a strong electrical signal for computer
     The BioDetect(TM) platform consists of an electronic analyzer and
 single-use, disposable test cards.  Unlike other detection systems,
 BioDetect(TM) technology does not depend on DNA amplification by polymerase
 chain reaction (PCR), but will provide comparable detection capability.
     About Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC
     Rochester, NY-based Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC is a leading
 innovator in portable, electronic, biological agent identification technology.
 Built around the BioDetect(TM) platform, INT's devices are highly portable and
 use disposable test cards to test field samples for numerous biological
 agents, including anthrax.  Future developments of the platform may include
 clinical and veterinary diagnostics, taggants and food safety applications.
 For more information about Integrated Nano-Technologies, call 585-334-0170 or
 visit INT's Web site at
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