Interactive Television Networks, Inc. ('ITVN') Announces Free Offer of 5,000 Broadband Enabled TV Set Top Boxes to Consumers Nationwide

ITVN, a leader in the fast growing Internet Protocol Television ('IPTV')

market, is offering up to 5,000 of ITVN's consumer friendly TV set top boxes

at no cost on a 'first come first served' basis and including a free 15-day

subscription to one of ITVN's critically acclaimed interactive IPTV networks.

May 06, 2005, 01:00 ET from Interactive Television Networks, Inc.

    WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Interactive Television
 Networks, Inc. ("ITVN"), a leading provider of hardware, programming software
 and interactive networks to the fast growing IPTV market announces the
 distribution of up to 5,000 IPTV set top boxes to consumers nationwide.  ITVN
 is including a 15-day free subscription to XTV Networks, ITVN's critically
 acclaimed adult network.
     Consumers simply connect the ITVN TV set top box to their existing home
 broadband/DSL router, cable modem router or wireless LAN and to their
 television set though standard video connectors.  The ITVN set top box does
 not require a personal computer or additional hardware.
     PC Magazine described ITVN's broadband enabled TV set top box as "a
 technology breakthrough" with image quality that is "indistinguishable from
     "ITVN has achieved an outstanding value proposition for consumers,
 offering not only state of the art user friendly technology but content
 delivered in a compelling format at an unbeatable price," said Charles Prast,
 ITVN's CEO.  "With the price of home broadband at ever lower levels, consumers
 are able now to use the web to deliver compelling content and true
 interactivity to their entertainment appliance of choice, the television set."
     "ITVN leverages home broadband, an existing infrastructure, to bypass the
 massive costs of cable and satellite delivery.  Consumers know that content
 delivered directly from the Internet is also far more interactive and broad in
 scope than anything that can be offered over traditional networks.  Simply
 put, ITVN's cost base and platform allow us to pass on extraordinary value and
 service to consumers nationwide."
     According to Nielsen//NetRatings there are over 60 million US broadband
 households, those households being capable of benefiting from ITVN's product
 and service.
     XTV Networks, ITVN's most popular network, consists of over 50 webcast
 24/7 TV channels and as well as 10 interactive video channels as part of the
 basic subscription as well as an extensive library of Pay per View titles.
 Following the 15-day free trial, the XTV Networks basic subscription is only
 $29.95 per month with no long-term obligations.
     For more information, please visit itvn. com or contact
     About Interactive Television Networks
     Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, Interactive Television
 Networks, Inc. ("ITVN") is an integrated developer, marketer, distributor and
 programmer of Internet Protocol Television hardware and subscription channels.
     The ITVN Network digital services are a completely interactive, end-to-end
 video system delivered to consumers on demand through a proprietary TV set top
 box.  Consumers simply connect the ITVN box to their existing broadband router
 and to their television set though standard video connectors.  No PC is needed
 and the ITVN box is "plug and play".
     ITVN is a simple, completely discreet, single source solution for
 consumers of content not available through traditional broadcast or satellite
 channels and is an alternative distribution source for producers of content.
 Using the Internet, ITVN eliminates traditional middleman represented by the
 cable TV providers, satellite operators and terrestrial broadcasters and sells
 subscription based services directly to the consumer.
     The ITVN business plan centers on a number of subscription channels and
 services accessed through a TV menu using a remote control.
     ITVN is the only truly open, end-to-end solution to manage and deliver new
 IPTV services, such as Broadcast TV, video-on-demand ("VOD") and Network
 Personal Video Recorders ("PVRs"), all from a single integrated solution.
 ITVN allows the installation, deployment and operation of a wealth of TV-based
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      Interactive Television Networks, Inc.

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