Interconnect Your Home PC's

ActionLink(TM) Home Networking From ActionTec Brings Advantages Of

Local Area Networking Without Messy Wiring

Jan 07, 1999, 00:00 ET from ActionTec Electronics, Inc.

    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- CES Booth #4122 LVCC-North Hall -- Now
 there is an easy and affordable way to interconnect the computers in your
 house and share data, on-line access, peripherals such as printers and
 scanners, and even play multi-user games.  ActionTec's new ActionLink(TM)
 product line uses existing telephone lines to make connecting your PC's and
 peripherals to each other -- and to the Internet -- as easy as simply plugging
 in a telephone extension.  The Plug-n-Play ActionLink Home Networking cards
 are fast and easy to install, and work over existing home telephone wiring
 without interfering with regular telephone service.
     The ActionLink product line presently includes stand-alone Home Networking
 Cards and introductory Home Networking Kits that include two cards, a
 multi-player game, and ActionTec's innovative DynaSyGate(TM) Internet and
 peripheral sharing software.
     The DynaSyGate software allows all the users in the house to
 simultaneously share a single ISP (Internet Service Provider) account,
 telephone line, and modem, reducing Internet access cost.  As an extra bonus,
 the software includes "firewall" protection to prevent hackers from breaking
 into the computers and which allows parents to block out access to undesirable
 Internet sites.
     Why do homeowners need to interconnect their PCs?  Let's take a typical
 scenario.  You have a PC in the Den and another in your home office.  Without
 a network, each machine needs its own printer, scanner, modem, backup unit and
 other peripherals.  If you want to connect a laser printer to your machine for
 crisp professional output, but also use the color printer on the other
 machine, you need to laboriously copy files onto floppy disks, then copy them
 onto the other machine for printing.  And if a file is too big to fit on a
 floppy disk, well, you're out of luck unless you're a techie.
     To make matters worse, if you are like most two-PC households, both of
 your PCs are logged onto the Internet every evening.  This means that you not
 only are tying up two phone lines, you are paying for two Internet accounts.
     ActionTec's ActionLink solves all of these issues, making home PC systems
 more affordable, more efficient, and more flexible.  All users have access to
 the peripherals and files on the network, eliminating the need for redundancy.
 All users share the same Internet access, eliminating extra Internet and phone
     "The growing number of households with multiple computers, coupled with
 the reduction in cost of those PC's, has created a huge demand for in-home
 networks," stated Elliot Hadaegh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for
 ActionTec.  "By combining ease of use and affordability, ActionLink not only
 fulfills this need, it turns every homeowner into a networking expert."
     With the concept of affordable, easy-to-install home networking, new
 applications for home PCs become practical.  These include PC-based security
 systems, environmental controls, digital TV's, digital phones, even
 multi-player games.
     The Home Networking Cards have an MSRP of $99 and the Introductory Home
 Networking Kit has an MSRP of $149.
     About ActionTec
     ActionTec has earned an enviable list of awards worldwide, including the
 prestigious Best of Show award at this summer's Retail Xchange, and the
 Editors Choice award from CNET's  ActionTec is also
 collaborating with Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group in the recently
 announced "The Lucent Edge" campaign.
     ActionTec Electronics, Inc. is a significant global player in the data
 communications marketplace.  ActionTec's technically sophisticated products
 target the needs of SOHO and consumer users of mobile and desktop computers.
 The company has a track record of growth, attributed primarily to strong
 relationships in the data communications product marketplace.  ActionTec's
 product line includes a complete line of phone-line based Home Networking
 products, Mobile and Desktop Fax/Modems, and Ethernet cards, as well as
 Internal and External PC Card Read/Write Drives for SmartMedia, CompactFlash
 and ATA Flash PC Cards.  ActionTec's broad range of connectivity and storage
 products enables desktop computer users to increase productivity and allows
 mobile computer users to communicate effectively from non-traditional
     ActionTec products are available through national distribution and retail
 outlets as well as through private label and OEM relationships.  The company
 is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. and maintains branch offices in
 Philadelphia, Pa., Government Sales in Arlington, Va., and International Sales
 in Irvine, Calif.  ActionTec Inc. can be reached via the Internet at, or by phone at 408-541-9003.

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