International Antitrust Forum Will Feature FTC Chairman and Key International Competition Policymakers

Jan 03, 2005, 00:00 ET from American Bar Association

    CHICAGO, Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- International antitrust law and practice
 are transforming rapidly, in large part due to leadership and legislative
 changes, recent court cases and merger reforms.  The American Bar Association
 Section of Antitrust Law will hold an International Antitrust Forum to explore
 the changing antitrust landscape, featuring agency heads from a number of key
 jurisdictions including Brazil, Mexico and the United States, as well as
 senior agency officials from the European Community, Ireland and Japan.  This
 two-day conference will be held Jan. 24-25 in Miami at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel,
 South Beach.
     Attendees will gain insights into many of the major global issues facing
 antitrust practitioners, and will have the chance to participate in thought-
 provoking debates on key antitrust practice areas including multi-
 jurisdictional merger review, cartel enforcement, trade-based competition
 remedies and monopolization.
     On Monday, Jan. 24, opening remarks and introductions will be made by
 Richard J. Wallis, Microsoft Corporation, and chair of the ABA Section of
 Antitrust Law; Abbott B. Lipsky Jr., Washington, D.C.; and Elizabeth F. Kraus,
 counsel for multilateral affairs, Federal Trade Commission.  A keynote address
 will be given by Eduardo Perez Motta, chair of Mexico's Federal Competition
 Commission.  The final keynote on Tuesday, Jan. 25, will be given by FTC
 Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras.
     Programs on Jan. 24 include:
     -- Shock of the New - This panel discussion will present perspectives of
        enforcers and practitioners on frontier issues.  Slated to speak are
        Christian Lippert, Mexico City; Richard Wainright, responsible for
        competition and mergers, Legal Service of the European Commission; and
        Eduardo Perez Motta.
     -- Daniel Krepel Goldberg, Brazil's secretary of economic law, Ministry of
        Justice, will deliver an address, "Going Global: Multi- Jurisdictional
        Merger Review Introduction: What Agencies Need and What They are Doing
        to Alleviate Burdens on Merging Parties - The Brazilian Example."
     -- Challenges of clearing a transaction through different systems,
        navigating the competitive-effects theory minefield, and economics,
        efficiencies and econometrics are some of the main topics of the panel
        discussion following Mr. Goldberg's address.   Debra A. Valentine, vice
        president, secretary and associate general counsel, United
        Technologies, is the moderator.  Panelists will include Daniel Krepel
        Goldberg, Richard Wainright, Eduardo Perez Motta, and Amadeu Ribiero,
        Sao Paolo, Brazil.
     -- The luncheon keynote speaker is William E. Kovacic, E.K. Grubin
        Professor, George Washington University Law School. Kovacic is former
        general counsel to the FTC.
     -- Representing the International Client - This panel discussion will
        focus on spotting risks of individual, corporate and joint
        representation in merger and cartel cases, and confidentiality and
        privilege waivers.  There will also be a discussion of discovery after
        the Intel v. AMD case.  Panelists include Alec J. Burnside, Brussels,
        Belgium; Steven J. Cernak, General Motors Corp.; Donald C. Klawiter,
        chair-elect of the Section of Antitrust Law; and Cani Fernandez Vicien,
     -- Cartel Enforcement Now - Terry Calvani, director of the Cartels
        Division, Irish Competition Authority; Daniel Krepel Goldberg; Veronica
        Roberts, Brussels; and Akinori Uesugi, secretary general, Japan Fair
        Trade Commission, will be panelists in this discussion of new regimes
        and initiatives, increased reliance on criminal penalties and increased
        fines, and new and strengthened amnesty programs.
     Sessions on Jan. 25 include:
     -- Trade-Based Competition Remedies - Among topics to be addressed are
        multilateralism, competition provisions in trade agreements including
        the World Trade Organization and FTAs, and the resolution of
        competition issues in these fora.  Elizabeth Kraus, counsel for
        multilateral affairs, FTC, will moderate the session.  Panelists
        include Eduardo Perez Motta; Gary Horlick, Washington, D.C.; and Daniel
        Sokol, Miami.
     -- Global Rumble: Monopolization vs. Dominance - Panelists at this final
        session will review diverging standards and dueling concepts; and
        essential facilities, access and special problems of technology.
        Speakers will be Makan Delrahim, deputy assistant attorney general,
        U.S. Department of Justice; Joseph Kattan, Washington, D.C.; John
        Parker, senior vice president, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.; Richard
        Wainright; and Akinori Uesugi.
     For more information about the program, contact the ABA Section of
 Antitrust Law at 312/988-5609, or visit the section's Web site at . Materials, including the program brochure
 and registration forms, are located on the Web site.
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SOURCE American Bar Association