International Group Declares AmerenUE's Taum Sauk Plant an Engineering 'Milestone' -- AmerenUE Donates $1,000 to Local School

Sep 26, 2005, 01:00 ET from Ameren Corporation

    ST. LOUIS, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Institute of Electrical and
 Electronics Engineers (IEEE) today presented AmerenUE's Taum Sauk pumped-
 storage hydroelectric plant its prestigious "Milestone in Electrical
 Engineering and Computing" award.
     At a special ceremony at the Taum Sauk Plant in Reynolds County, Mo.,
 AmerenUE also announced a gift of $1,000 to Lesterville R-4 School. The school
 serves the area surrounding the plant.
     The IEEE award acknowledges Taum Sauk for its many technological and
 engineering "firsts," including:
      -- being the largest pumped-storage plant in North America when it came
         on-line in 1963
      -- its high-capacity turbine generators
      -- its ability to be operated by "remote control" from St. Louis, Mo. --
         more than 90 miles away
     "The IEEE's Milestones Program helps to inspire engineers and those
 interested in science and technology to continue working for a world in which
 everyone benefits from technological advances," said IEEE Region 5 Director
 John Meredith.
     "The Taum Sauk Plant and the technological accomplishments that make it
 work inspire us to share our knowledge and to bring the benefits of our
 efforts to all," he added.
     With the award, Taum Sauk Plant joins an elite and historic group of IEEE
 Milestone facilities. The nearly 70 sites and achievements that have received
 this recognition over the past 22 years include the Ames Hydroelectric Plant
 in Telluride, Colo.; the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic Ocean
 from Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Canada, on Dec. 12, 1901; and the Opana RADAR
 Site, from which the first use of RADAR in wartime conditions began on Dec. 7,
     "Taum Sauk has not only contributed to the development of electrical and
 computer engineering and science, but the plant and its employees have been
 active in economic and community development," said Ameren Executive Vice
 President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Voss.
     "This plant is a source of significant local tax revenue and a facility
 that is critical to meeting daily peaking power demands of the citizens of
 this state and region," Voss added.
     "It is truly humbling to be listed alongside the facilities and projects
 on the IEEE Milestones list," said Taum Sauk Plant Superintendent Rick Cooper.
 "This is a proud day for our employees and for everyone in Reynolds County."
     Of the $1,000 total given to Lesterville R-4 School, $500 will be split
 between School Librarian Dana Myers and English/Shop Teacher James Watts. The
 remaining funds will be presented to Superintendent Earlene Fox for other
 school needs.
     Myers plans to use the funds to help set up an "outdoor classroom" -- an
 extension of the school library-accessible to both elementary and high school
 students. Watts would like to purchase supplies needed to reinstate shop
 classes at the school.
     "It's wonderful that Ameren has included Lesterville R-4 School as part of
 its celebration of Taum Sauk Plant," said Fox. "This generous contribution
 will be put to good use and will benefit many children for years to come."
     The Taum Sauk plant includes four primary features: the upper reservoir
 atop Proffit Mountain, a 7,000-foot-long shaft and tunnel, a power house with
 two reversible pump turbine units and a lower reservoir formed by a dam across
 the East Fork of the Black River.
     During times of peak demand for electricity, water, released from the
 upper reservoir, rushes down the shaft and through the tunnel. As it passes
 through the power house, the water spins the turbines to generate electricity.
 The water is then retained in the lower reservoir.
     At night and on weekends, when power demand is lower, excess power
 available from other plants is used to pump the water back to the upper
     The plant is also unique because it can generate electricity even in the
 absence of grid power-making it critical for re-starting the system in the
 unlikely event of a wide-spread blackout.
     The IEEE is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than
 365,000 individual members in approximately 175 countries.
     AmerenUE is a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation. Ameren
 companies serve 2.2 million electric customers and 900,000 natural gas
 customers over a 64,000-square-mile area of Missouri and Illinois.

SOURCE Ameren Corporation