INTSPEI Announces Results of Worldwide UML Jokes Contest

Feb 15, 2008, 00:00 ET from INTSPEI

    NEW YORK and KIEV, Ukraine, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're familiar
 with UML (Unified Modeling Language), you might think it's useful but not
 very exciting. Better think again. The UML Jokes Contest, sponsored by
 International Software & Productivity Engineering Institute (INTSPEI) shows
 UML models in a whole new light.
     In announcing today the winners of this unusual contest, INTSPEI gives
 us a new perspective on UML. It shows this standard graphical language,
 ordinarily used to create abstract models of systems, as a surprisingly
 versatile structure with broad, expressive power.
     Four months ago INTSPEI launched the worldwide contest of jokes written
 in UML and the results are in. They're available at
     The first prize, a high performance laptop, is won by Victoria Sklyar,
 author of the outstanding UML diagram "Hamlet Activity." In UML, activity
 diagrams are usually used to formally describe business processes. But
 Victoria's creative chart will let you trace the Dane's deep emotional
 discord and share Hamlet's anxiety and uncertainty as he ponders his
 destiny choices.
     The second prize is awarded to Slava Bushtruk, for his diagram,
 "Underworld Anecdote." Sequence diagrams in UML are usually showing
 processes or objects and the messages exchanged between them, but in this
 case the sequence diagram tells of conversations in the Devil's Call
     The third prize is a fairy tale about the gingerbread man. The author
 of this diagram, Timofey Bryksin, traces the adventures of smart food and
 uses the diagramming technique to make it even funnier than the original
     One more fairy tale, posted by Alexander Baikin, gains the Audience
 appreciation prize -- this bright and picturesque diagram shows the "Three
 Little Pigs" tale.
     Edward Galiaskarov, who posted the most jokes and won the prize as the
 most active participant, created several small masterpieces as well. One of
 them is a philosophical picture, using a UML state-chart diagram to
 represent a Yin-Yang model of the Universe.
     "I would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the
 participants, companies and communities who supported the UML Jokes
 contest," said Vladimir L. Pavlov, INTSPEI Chairman and Chief Strategic
 Officer. "The contest attracted a lot of programmers, architects and other
 IT professionals, showing that 'boring' UML can be used as a full-scale
 communication tool -- even to express supposedly human-only values. We
 received a lot of positive feedback and we had a lot of fun. We're going to
 launch the next UML Jokes contest in autumn 2008."
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