Invensys Provides Real-Time Remote Internet Service Provider Facility Monitoring With MODCOMP's ScadaBase(TM) E-Business System

Automated Control Systems Provider Will Monitor and Control Air Conditioning,

Fire, and Electrical Systems from Centralized Remote Locations

Jan 30, 2001, 00:00 ET from CSP Inc.

    FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- MODCOMP(R), Inc.
 (, a subsidiary of CSP Inc. (Nasdaq:   CSPI) and a leading
 developer of E-commerce and M-business solutions, today announced that
 Invensys ENE, Inc., a joint venture company of Invensys Building Systems, a
 leading global supplier of automation and control systems, has selected
 MODCOMP's ScadaBase E-business System to provide a real-time environment
 monitoring and reporting.  The integrated solution will allow Invensys to
 monitor air conditioning, fire systems, incoming electrical power, back up
 generators and ancillary devices at customer sites.
     Invensys ENE customers will be able to monitor information through
 ScadaBase and industrial grade servers from multiple, remote sites.  ScadaBase
 will enable users to respond to alarms through a Web browser and a user-
 friendly point and click interface.  Users will be able to log on to local
 sites and perform damage control functions, or contact local personnel who can
 take remedial action.
     ScadaBase is a graphically enhanced, menu-driven, scalable, user
 configuration suite of software modules for SCADA applications and runs on the
 Linux operating system.  ScadaBase's peer-to-peer communications function
 allows users to control separate areas yet share common information across the
     ScadaBase will also feed summary alarm information to an Oracle database,
 where Invensys personnel can query alarms by type, site, or on a historical
     The ISP market is experiencing significant growth.  According to a recent
 Yankee Group report, revenues are expected to reach $6.78 billion by 2001.  By
 integrating MODCOMP's technology, Invensys is positioned to exploit this
 market space by delivering their monitoring solutions to ISP facilities.
     "We are excited to help Invensys deliver real-time monitoring to its
 customers," said Rob Crigler, vice president of marketing for MODCOMP's
 E-commerce Division.  "By implementing the ScadaBase system, we are helping
 them develop a comprehensive, remote monitoring solution."
     By using ScadaBase, Invensys ENE is enabling their customer's employees
 secure, easy access to the information they need to effectively maintain
 customer sites.
     "ScadaBase gives us a true advantage, allowing our customers to
 effectively monitor and maintain several sites from remote locations," said
 Jeff Banks, systems sales executive at Invensys ENE.  "Personnel will now be
 able to respond to alarms and situations quickly and effectively, as well as
 query historical data to monitor trends and identify problem areas."
     About Invensys
     Invensys plc is a global leader in the Automation and Controls industry.
 With its head office in London, England it operates in all regions of the
 world through four focused divisions - Automation Systems, Control Systems,
 Power Systems, and Software Systems. With over 90,000 employees, and $14
 billion in annual sales, the company's products and services range from
 advanced control systems and networks for automating industrial plants and
 controlling the environments of commercial buildings, to complete power
 systems for the telecommunications and information technology industries.  It
 is the vision of Invensys to be the "best in class" for building automation
 and integrated solutions. For more information on Invensys plc, please visit
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