Investor Distrust Justified, Say Polled Execs

-- Aug. 13 Conference Call to Discuss Best Investor Relations Practices --

Jul 30, 2002, 01:00 ET from Kennedy Information

    PETERBOROUGH, N.H., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- 39% of public company
 executives polled by Shareholder Value Magazine believe that current corporate
 scandals are typical of more widespread practices that exist in corporate
 America.  A surprising 16.7% of respondents admit that they personally felt
 compelled to explain questionable behavior on behalf of their companies.
     "When public company insiders tell us these problems are widespread,
 that's a clear wake-up call," says Bill Mahoney, Editor of Shareholder Value
 Magazine.  "A fundamental shift in the way corporations deal with investors is
     The crisis in investor confidence is dramatic:  46.4% of public company
 executives say the scandals have "harmed significantly" or "harmed somewhat"
 the way investors view their own companies.  Still, only 42.6% of executives
 say they have taken action to restore or secure investor confidence in their
     Top responses of proactive companies include:  more frequent investor
 communications (47.3%), updating accounting policies (21.2%), implementing new
 financial safeguards (19.9%) and modifying investor expectations (16.4%).
 Over 43% report a variety of other tactics and strategies.  For the survey,
 Shareholder Value Magazine polled 337 public company executives.  Additional
 details can be found at
     To discuss the survey results as well as what leading companies are doing
 to restore investor confidence in their companies, Shareholder Value will host
 an interactive telephone conference call on Aug. 13 at 2 pm.
     "Crisis in Investor Confidence:  Best Practices for Investor Relations"
      Format:             Telephone Conference Call
      When:               Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
      Host:               Bill Mahoney, Executive Editor, Shareholder Value
      Faculty:            -- Donald Eagon Jr., VP Global Communications and
                             Investor Relations, Diebold Corporation
                          -- Michael Seely, President, Investor Access
                             Corporation and General Partner, Global
                             Multinational Partners
                          -- Margo Happer, Director, Investor Relations IDX
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      Fee:                $149
     "Those companies that implement best practices now have a chance to
 distance themselves from the pack," adds Mahoney.  "Conducting business as
 usual is simply a recipe for disaster."
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