Investor's Business Daily Debuts SmartSelect(R) Composite Rating That Uncovers Top Performing Companies

Feb 05, 2001, 00:00 ET from Investor's Business Daily

    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Investor's Business Daily premiered
 its latest proprietary company rating tool, the SmartSelect(R) Composite
 Rating, which flags emerging leaders in the NYSE and Nasdaq stock tables
 daily.  "With about 10,000 companies to choose, this will help business
 readers and investors separate the better performing companies from lagging
 companies faster," said William J. O'Neil, chairman and founder.
     The SmartSelect(R) Composite Rating wraps together in a computerized
 number (1, worst, to 99, best), the five individual IBD SmartSelect(R)
 Corporate Ratings (Earnings Per Share, Relative Price Strength, Industry Group
 Relative Strength, Sales + Profit Margins + ROE, and
 Accumulation/Distribution), that appear in IBD's price tables.  These are five
 of the most relevant measurements that affect a company's future stock price
 appreciation.  "The new SmartSelect(R) Composite Rating is not based on
 analyst opinion, but on the actual strength of companies.  Our computers are
 set up to compare the performance of all listed companies, sorting by earnings
 growth, profitability, price movement, and so on," said O'Neil.  "To find
 companies with the very best potential, the SmartSelect(R) Composite Rating
 provides one simple, easy-to-use assessment of a company's health and can help
 investors make better comparisons and decisions."
     O'Neil expects the Fed to continue lowering interest rates, which should
 help stocks find a bottom.  He also noted that the government's move towards
 new tax cuts would further work in the market's favor.  "This is an opportune
 time to start looking for emerging new stocks.  The SmartSelect(R) Composite
 Rating will point to stocks showing the greatest overall fundamental and
 market strength.
     A 95 SmartSelect(R) Composite Rating tells you a stock is outperforming
 95% of the market in terms of the five key performance factors mentioned.
     Additional information about Investor's Business Daily is available at and in two McGraw Hill bestsellers by O'Neil, "How to Make
 Money in Stocks" and "24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success."
     Investor's Business Daily is the fastest-growing business and financial
 newspaper for the last six years, according to the Audit Bureau of
 Circulations.  With a total audience of nearly one million readers, IBD
 attracts self-directed investors and affluent corporate executives.  It is
 noted for its proprietary stock market tables.  Thirteen print sites support
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SOURCE Investor's Business Daily