iotum Pronto Conferencing Debuts at DEMO 2006

Makes Conference Calling Simple

Feb 08, 2006, 00:00 ET from iotum

    PHOENIX, and MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- iotum, the company
 that brings relevance to communications, is debuting iotum Pronto Conferencing
 at the DEMO 2006 conference.
     iotum Pronto Conferencing eliminates the need for special phone numbers,
 PIN codes or access codes to participate in a conference call. Pronto
 Conferencing will be released as part of the company's iotum platform, the
 world's first presence based, contextual communications manager.
     With iotum Pronto Conferencing, conference call participants dial the
 regular phone number of the iotum enabled conference organizer and then are
 immediately placed into the conference bridge without any additional work or
     "iotum eliminates that frustration by adding easy to use conference bridge
 capabilities to every subscribers telephone number, enabling calls to begin
 based on the calendar and the invited participants list as long as they are
 calling from a phone in the call organizers contact manager," said iotum
 co-founder and CEO Alec Saunders.
     With iotum Pronto Conferencing, like the overall iotum platform itself,
 busy professionals are made more productive and responsive by connecting them
 with the right people at the right time -- ensuring that inbound
 communications are relevant to the task at hand and avoiding unnecessary
 interruptions by simplifying the way telephone calls are handled.
     iotum is a Web 2.0 service that solves the problem of communication
 overload.  The iotum service is based on the iotum Relevance Engine(TM) -- an
 intelligent communications platform that understands who is calling and knows
 what to do with the call based on the user's preferences, priorities,
 behaviors, and other contextual information.
     By paying attention to calling habits, IM presence, schedule, and
 location, iotum can:
     Bring relevant calls to users' attention and send the others to voicemail;
 Notice calling trends, such as back-and-forth calls to the same person, and
 ensure that important calls are brought to users' attention.
     iotum uses standards-based protocols and has a patent pending on the iotum
 Relevance Engine.
     The iotum service is delivered to end-user professionals through
 communications service providers.  Leading the way for relevant
 communications, iotum works with key telecommunications companies around the
 globe -- providing compelling value-add services that are needed in today's
 fast paced business world.
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