IP-Adress.com Shows Visitors Big Brother is Still Watching

Nov 07, 2007, 00:00 ET from IP-Adress.com

    HOMBURG, Germany, Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The internet is carrying on
 the tradition of making information known to authorities through the use of
 IP addresses. Think of them as the internet's version of a footprint, or a
 zip code, an IP address informs anyone with the right software information
 about a user's location, internet service provider, and much more. In fact,
 IP addresses have been one of the major weapons in the fight against credit
 card fraud, internet predators, and online criminal activities since the
 internet's invention. Now, thanks to an innovative website, everyday users
 of the internet are being given the same abilities to look up valuable IP
 address information.
     IP-Adress.com is a wildly popular website that offers free IP address
 information to visitors instantly. In fact, visitors to the site will have
 their IP address automatically entered into the site's database for
 processing, resulting in an instant Google Map view of your IP address.
 Further, IP-Adress.com offers visitors a series of valuable information
 boxes filled with the location of your ISP, the city, and state that your
 IP and ISP is located in, and much more.
     Ironically, IP-Adress.com is somewhat of an accident, being picked up
 in a domain auction for cheap because of the misspelling of the word
 address in the domain. This dollar domain quickly turned into an internet
 viral success story. The site has been featured on the front page of
 popular social news site Digg.com and is featured in Wikipedia.com as an
 authority for IP address tracking. The site currently receives over 1.5
 million unique visitors a month, putting it in the ranks of the top 10,000
 Alexa ranked sites on the net today.
     Visitors to IP-Adress.com are provided with more than just a quick shot
 of information about their IP address. For example one heavily used feature
 is the Speedtest which offers visitors a quick and easy way to test their
 internet connection for speed and efficiency.
     What might be the greatest aspect of IP-Adress.com is the site's
 ability to search IP addresses manually in real time. This allows visitors
 to take an IP address off of an email from a spammer and use it to combat
 the spam by finding out the company that sent it. Even more many Bloggers
 and Webmasters use this site to determine the location of their visitors
 and customers.
     For more information visit www.IP-Adress.com

SOURCE IP-Adress.com