IPSec VPN Client for Windows Vista 64-bit

Jul 03, 2007, 01:00 ET from NCP engineering GmbH

    NUREMBERG, Germany, July 3 /PRNewswire/ -- With version 9.01 of the
 Secure Entry Client NCP engineering GmbH also provides an IPSec VPN client
 for Windows Vista 64-bit. In February 2007 the Nuremberg-based
 communications specialist was the first manufacturer worldwide to make the
 Secure Entry Client available under Vista 32-bit.
     The NCP Secure Client is a universal communication software for use in
 any remote access VPN environment. The Client has extensive security
 functions: IPSec encryption with AES or 3-DES, authentication via digital
 certificates and hardware tokens, a dynamic Personal Firewall with Stateful
 Inspection and Friendly Net Detection for automatic detection of secure and
 non-secure networks.
     The software communicates with VPN gateways from all major vendors.
 Data is transferred independent of media type via stationary networks,
 public wireless networks, LANs, wireless networks such as wireless LANs on
 corporate campuses and at hotspots, as well as via the Internet. Integrated
 support of Mobile Connect Cards for UMTS, GPRS, and WLAN in the Client
 Monitor is an added advantage for mobile users. Thus, however, it is not
 necessary to install the user interface supplied by card vendors. Voice
 data (VoIP) is transmitted with priority. Integrated QoS (Quality of
 Service) ensures delay-free and distortion-free communication.
     For remote access environments with hundreds or thousands of users NCP
 offers the Secure Enterprise Client under Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit,
 which can be administered centrally. This Client additionally offers
 Endpoint Policy Enforcement for monitoring the centrally specified security
     In addition to Windows Vista the operating systems Windows 2000 and
 Windows XP are also supported. Clients for Windows Mobile and Linux round
 out the product line. Thus uniform configurations can be set up and uniform
 security settings can be made regardless of the operating system used.
     The software is available now and is exclusively available via NCP
 sales partners. NCP customers with older licenses can update to the new
 version. A 30-day full version of the Secure Entry Client software is
 available for testing and can be downloaded at
     Secure Entry Client press release is available at
     Screenshot of the Secure Entry Client is available at
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     Secure Entry Client data sheet is available at
     About NCP
     NCP engineering GmbH headquartered in Nurnberg Germany is a provider of
 application and industry-neutral communication software for highly secure
 data transmission in public networks and the Internet. Core competencies
 are in the areas of IP routing, central management of remote systems, as
 well as encryption, VPN, and firewall technologies. Under the guiding
 principle of "Secure Communications" the firm develops products and
 solutions for the areas of mobile computing, teleworking, E-commerce,
 online banking, production data acquisition, system control (remote
 maintenance), and branch office networking. NCP product technology
 guarantees integration and compatibility with products from other
 manufacturers. NCP relies on collaboration with technology partners and OEM
 partners, and on sales via distributors and certified system houses for
 national and international marketing. Customers include companies,
 government agencies, and organizations.
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     NCP engineering GmbH
     Sabine Baehre
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     E-mail: sb@ncp.de

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