Iroquois Files With FERC for Eastchester Extension Project

Apr 28, 2000, 01:00 ET from Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.

    SHELTON, Conn., April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The Iroquois Gas Transmission
 System, L.P., announced today that it has filed with the Federal Energy
 Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a Certificate Of Public Convenience and
 Necessity to construct its Eastchester Extension Project.
     The Eastchester Extension Project, with a 2002 in-service date, will
 initially deliver about 220 million cubic feet per day of natural gas from
 western Canada and other emerging supply basins into the Consolidated Edison
 Company's gas grid in Bronx, New York City.  The total cost of the project
 will be in the vicinity of $170 million.
     "Our Eastchester project will significantly enhance the capabilities of
 the natural gas grid in New York City," said Craig Frew, President of the
 Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company.  "The project has been designed to ensure
 both new and existing customers will benefit from the new facilities that will
 be built."
     "An important thing to note about Eastchester," said Herb Rakebrand, Vice
 President of Marketing and Transportation, "is that the customers supporting
 this project will all be end users contributing to the development of New York
 City's total energy infrastructure."
     The Eastchester Extension Project includes the following:
     -- 30-mile pipeline extension from Iroquois' existing mainline at
        Northport, Long Island running about a mile on land, then some 27 miles
        beneath Long Island Sound, plus two miles into Bronx;
     -- new compressor stations at Dover and Boonville, NY;
     -- an additional compressor unit at Iroquois' Croghan, NY compressor
     -- equipment upgrades at Iroquois' compressor station in Wright, NY;
     -- addition of cooling at Wright and Athens, NY compressor stations.
     The Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company is the wholly-owned subsidiary of
 the Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P., and is the operator of Iroquois'
 375-mile natural gas transmission pipeline.
                               IROQUOIS PARTNERS
     TransCanada Iroquois Ltd. (29.0%)
     TransCanada PipeLines Limited
     North East Transmission Company (19.4%)
     KeySpan Energy Corporation
     CNG Iroquois, Inc. (16.0%)
     CNG Transmission Corporation
     ANR Iroquois, Inc. (9.4%)
     ANR Pipeline Company
     ANR New England Pipeline Co. (6.6%)
     ANR Pipeline Company
     TCPL Northeast Ltd. (6.0%)
     TransCanada Pipelines Limited
     JMC-Iroquois, Inc. (4.93%)
     PG&E Generating Company
     TEN Transmission Company (4.87%)
     Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation
     NJNR Pipeline Company (2.8%)
     New Jersey Resources Corporation
     LILCO Energy Systems, Inc. (1.0%)
     KeySpan Energy Corporation

SOURCE Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.