Is Life Fair for the Fairer Sex? Is it a Better Time to Be a Man or Even Have a Male Boss? Are Women Really 'Opting Out?'

Noted Researchers Kellyanne Conway and Celinda Lake Join Lifetime Television

to Examine Differences Among Generation Y, Generation X and Baby Boomer Women

Mar 27, 2006, 00:00 ET from Lifetime Networks

    NEW YORK, March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Lifetime Networks today announced the
 results of the most recent "Lifetime Women's Pulse Poll" which unearthed
 provocative findings from three generations of women -- Generation Y
 (age 18-29), Generation X (age 30-44) and Baby Boomers (age 45-59) -- on
 attitudes regarding sex, men, marriage and career.
     Conducted by well-known pollsters and authors Kellyanne Conway and Celinda
 Lake, the findings of the initial poll, "Generation Why?," included (full
 report available on request):
     -- Never a better time to be a woman, but ...: While all three generations
        agreed it's never been a better time to be a woman, the majority
        believe women still face discrimination and men have more advantages in
        society -- more so than in 1974!  A surprising finding of the study was
        that 51% felt there were more advantages to being a man now vs. thirty
        years ago, when only 31% thought this was true when a similar question
        asked in the 1974 Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll.
     -- "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ...": Gen Y women
        advocate marriage and children at a younger age than previous
        generations.  Three-quarters felt the ideal age for marriage, AND
        having children, was under 30.  Gen Y isn't bound by tradition however,
        35% would consider having a child on their own.  And, in their search
        for the perfect mate, online dating failed to pop, even for Gen Y with
        only 4% feeling it was the best way to meet Mr. Right.  All generations
        prefer a soul mate over an excellent lover.
     -- Opting out: Contrary to popular misconceptions about highly educated,
        highly capable women declaring they'd give it all up to raise their
        children or pursue a passion, Gen Y women were least likely to say
        they'd leave their careers behind if they didn't need a paycheck AND
        Gen Y were extremely entrepreneurial, with almost two thirds saying
        they'd rather start their own business than stay in their current jobs,
        verses Boomers at less than half.  All three generations found
        inflexibility in the workplace MORE formidable than discrimination.
        And all agree that the remedy to these problems is not a female boss --
        the majority prefer a male boss.  Married women or those with kids
        especially preferred reporting to a "sir" verses a "ma'am," while
        single women and those without kids, across all generations, preferred
        a female boss.
     -- Myths about technology: Women will buy more high-tech gadgets than men
        this year, but no matter their age, women still think men are much more
        tech savvy. Technology is the native tongue for Gens Y & X and an
        acquired taste for Baby Boomers. However, Gen X is more likely to
        prefer email while boomers and Gen Y, prefer face-to-face, and Gen Y is
        more likely to IM or blog than the other two groups.
     In making the announcement, Betty Cohen, President/CEO, Lifetime
 Entertainment Services, said: "Lifetime has always been the expert on
 information about women and for women and these polls help give voice to the
 unique and diverse perspectives of women today, and project where they'll be
 in five or ten years."
     Throughout the year, the "Lifetime Women's Pulse Polls" will explore a
 wide range of areas examining women's lives, including consumer behavior and
 spending habits, their desire for and usage of new technologies, their
 positions on key public policy issues, and on the lighter side, their
 impressions of the latest pop culture icons -- culminating in an on-air
 special in Fourth Quarter, 2006, with MSNBC award-winning journalist Willow
 Bay, produced by Intuitive Entertainment, LLC, for Lifetime.
     "Lifetime Women's Pulse Polls" is the largest women's multi-platform
 research project ever undertaken by a television network, weaving in a
 multi-pronged package providing wide-ranging and trail-blazing applications
 and implications for viewers, advertisers, affiliates and other business
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SOURCE Lifetime Networks