Isolyser Establishes Subsidiary MindHarbor, Inc.

Apr 19, 2000, 01:00 ET from Isolyser Company Inc.

    NORCROSS, Ga., April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Isolyser Company, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   OREX) today announced the establishment of MindHarbor, Inc.  In an
 effort to reduce corporate expenditures, Isolyser transformed the talents of
 its information technology department into a potential profit-center by
 creating this subsidiary.  MindHarbor is a technology services provider
 offering an array of information systems solutions for small to mid-size
 companies both in the Atlanta metropolitan market and on a national basis.
     Migo Nalbantyan, CEO of Isolyser stated, "By creating this spinout and
 giving the management of MindHarbor the opportunity to earn controlling
 interest in MindHarbor we are creatively seeking ways to reduce our operating
 cost while improving our capabilities in the area of e-commerce and Internet
     To illustrate its service capabilities and customer-centric mindset,
 MindHarbor has established a leading Internet business research and community
 center designed for business management and information technology
 professionals. was launched March 1, 2000 and has already
 experienced a dramatic visitor response ratio.  The MindHarbor business
 community has received numerous compliments from leading business and
 information technology professionals and this center's resources will grow on
 a continual basis.
     Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the best selling Guerilla Marketing series
 and one of the best selling marketing writers states, " is to
 the Internet as a map is to an explorer.  I've made it a bookmark, a favorite
 place and a topic of all my conversations about being online.  The Net keeps
 getting better each day and is a quantum leap forward in its
 value to onliners.  I'm amazed that somebody didn't think of this before."
     Mike Mabry, MindHarbor's CEO, stated, "We have established a world class
 team of industry talent and a comprehensive technology services portfolio that
 can be custom configured to facilitate the needs of our customers."
     This package includes:
     MindHarbor will research, develop and maintain the most efficient plan to
     effectively manage the information systems needs of one's company.
     Network Solutions Services
     MindHarbor will provide layout and design of Local and Wide Area Network
     (LAN/WAN) solutions.  This may also include wiring of the system,
     providing internet access, setup of an email system, and provide
     application sharing throughout the network.
     MindHarbor is licensed to sell hardware and software to the end-user, and
     will provide installation and support on all equipment and software.
     Web Development
     MindHarbor will design, develop and/or update a website for Internet,
     intranet, or extranet usage.  This may include the entire array of
     technology features such as e-commerce, IRC development, accounting and
     finance applications, database driven application, etc.
     Web Hosting
     MindHarbor will provide domain name registration and hosting of the
     This press release contains forward-looking statements made pursuant to
 the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of
 1995.  Such statements may be significantly affected by certain risks and
 uncertainties described in the Company's annual report on Form 10-K and
 elsewhere, including without limitation, the risks described in Risk Factors
 in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the period ending December 31,
 1999.  The Company's actual results could differ materially from such forward-
 looking statements.
     Isolyser has developed and manufactures OREX(R) Degradables, a series of
 ecologically safe products made from a thermoplastic, hot water soluble
 polymer that can be configured into an array of products such as woven and
 nonwoven fabrics, film, and thermoformed and extruded items.  These products
 can be dissolved after use, in hot water in a specially designed OREX(R)
 processor similar to a commercial washing machine, for safe disposal through
 municipal sewer systems.  The Company believes that its products provide
 protection to people and the environment while providing cost-effective
 solutions to the problems associated with waste reduction and disposal.  The
 Company also manufactures infection control products.

SOURCE Isolyser Company Inc.