It's Not Your Mother's Ham & Cheese

Wisconsin Sandwiches Update the Classic

Aug 22, 2005, 01:00 ET from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

    MADISON, Wis., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The ham and cheese sandwich --
 America's second most frequently made in home kitchens, according to NPD
 research -- is getting an update.
     Specialty cheeses, from ethnic varieties to flavored slices, are teaming
 up with ham -- thin sliced, cut in chunks or hand-carved -- for taste
 combinations that are a welcome, contemporary variation on the classic theme.
 "Wisconsin specialty cheeses are enjoying enormous growth and popularity as
 Americans seek new, bolder flavors," said Marilyn Wilkinson, director of
 National Product Communications for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB).
     "Sandwiches are a natural for these cheeses since they're easy and quick
 to fix for a homey meal.  Pairing them with convenient, premium ham is a boon
 to busy cooks," Wilkinson says.  "Complementing the combination is the
 widening array of artisan-style breads, available in almost any supermarket,"
 she added.
     There's no doubt America loves sandwiches.  The International Deli Dairy
 Bakery Association reports U.S. adults eat an average of 4.1 sandwiches a
 week.  Only peanut-butter sandwiches out rank ham and cheese in home
 preparation, according to Harry Balzer from NPD.
     With such popularity, sandwich seekers are bound to be searching for
 something different and innovative.  That's why WMMB and Jones Dairy Farm, a
 six-generation, family-owned Wisconsin-based producer of quality hams,
 Canadian bacon and all natural sausage, got together to offer these up-to-date
 sandwich recipes featuring specialty Wisconsin cheeses and a variety of Jones
 Dairy Farm products:
      Sharp Sweet Ham & Cheese -- Horseradish Cheddar, ham slices, sourdough
 bread layered with mango chutney, sweet apples and spinach
      New Cuban Ham & Cheese -- Swiss and Provolone on a French roll with
 Canadian bacon and thin sliced deli-style ham
      Ham & Cheese with a Twist -- Ham slices, Gouda and Dill Havarti slices,
 caramelized or red onions topping a pretzel roll or marbled rye bread
      Grilled Ham, Brie & Blue -- Apricot or peach jam spiking Brie and Blue
 cheeses and thin ham slices encased in country bread
      Ham & Cheese Spirals -- Diced ham and Wisconsin Gruyere rolled in frozen
 puff pastry
     "What's amazing is that despite the growing number of food options out
 there coupled with the consumer's constantly changing palate, the ham and
 cheese sandwich continues to be a family favorite," said Philip Jones,
 president of Jones Dairy Farm and a Paris-trained chef.  "This popularity made
 our partnership with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board to develop new and
 creative ways to enjoy this American classic a no-brainer."
     These sandwich recipes, along with other Jones Dairy Farm and Wisconsin
 Cheese recipes, are available on WMMB's Web site, ,
 the Jones Dairy Farm Web site, , and in selected
 supermarkets throughout the country through September.
     The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, a nonprofit organization funded by the
 Wisconsin dairy producers, promotes the awareness and consumption of Wisconsin
 cheese and other dairy products.
     Jones Dairy Farm products have the old-fashioned quality and flavor one
 would expect from a company that's been around since 1889.  The company
 produces high quality breakfast sausage, ham, Canadian bacon, bacon, liver
 sausage and scrapple that is sold worldwide.

SOURCE Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board