JasperSoft Corporation Formed to Deliver Cost-Effective Commercial Open Source Reporting Solutions to Organizations and Departments of All Sizes and Budgets

New Company Invests in JasperReports, World's Most Popular Open Source

Reporting Engine, and Launches JasperDecisions, Commercial Operational

Reporting Solution

Apr 18, 2005, 01:00 ET from JasperSoft Corporation

    SAN FRANCISCO, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- With the goal of making
 operational reporting more accessible and affordable to companies and
 departments of all sizes and budgets, a team of reporting domain experts from
 both the open source and commercial software worlds officially launched
 JasperSoft today at the MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara.
     "The need for powerful reporting and analytics is spreading to every
 application and process, literally into every corner, of today's complex
 organizations," said Paul Doscher, president and chief executive officer for
 JasperSoft.  "Unfortunately, due to the complexity and high costs associated
 with many reporting products, companies often can't afford to broadly deploy
 reporting and analytics solutions to their employees, partners and customers."
     Determined to solve that problem by lowering costs and easing deployments,
 this new commercial open source company is bridging two worlds -- introducing
 products and services that are popular with users, and have the additional
 benefit of being supported by a community and backed by a company.
     Commercial Open Source:  Bringing Together Two Worlds to the Advantage of
     The first product JasperSoft will be supporting is JasperReports, the
 world's most popular open source reporting solution.  Downloaded more than
 300,000 times, JasperReports has been deployed in 10,000 leading companies and
 ISVs in at least 50 countries.  As an industry standard, it is integrated with
 MySQL and JBoss.
     Teodor Danciu, founder and chief architect for JasperReports, has joined
 JasperSoft and will continue to oversee its ongoing development.
     "I started JasperReports because I wanted to solve a specific problem.
 Thanks to the support of an extensive community, I've seen that project grow
 and thrive over the past three years," Danciu said.  "However, with wide
 adoption comes the eventual demand from the community for a higher level of
 support and advancement than I alone can provide.  JasperSoft will help me
 take JasperReports into its next growth phase -- which is a real win-win for
 our community.  And I like the idea that I can continue to dedicate myself to
 helping the JasperReports reach its full potential."
     "Enterprise customers win with JasperReports because they get the benefits
 of open source, including a free and open industry-standard report engine, a
 large and very active community, low cost of deployment, and the option to
 purchase commercial products with advanced functionality," Doscher said. "On
 the flip side, the open source community wins because they now have a company
 behind their open source project committed to investing in development,
 offering services and support, and providing links to advanced commercial
     Reporting and Analytics for the Masses ... No Longer a Vision, But a
     JasperSoft's commercial product, JasperDecisions, complements
 JasperReports.  Together, they truly bring reporting and analytics to users
 throughout an organization.
     A server-based operational reporting solution for interactive, self-serve
 reporting and analytics, JasperDecisions has been battle-tested in customer
 environments over the past four years and is deployed in more than 50 leading
 corporations and ISVs.  Its powerful reporting capabilities can be integrated
 into all applications (contextual reporting) -- supporting the decision-making
 processes from the top to the bottom of the organization.
     With its advanced operational reporting capabilities, JasperDecisions
 facilitates broad deployment and has the lowest total cost of ownership in the
     "As reporting and analytics are being driven down in organizations to
 monitor operational processes and applications, it's important that solutions
 serving this market edge away from complexity and shift their focus more
 towards providing cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of the broadest
 audiences," said Eric Rogge, vice president and research director for Ventana.
 "More users, more data sets, and more applications are tied to operational
 applications and processes.  The complexity has led enterprises to take a
 broader look at the market, including looking to open source projects, for
     JasperSoft is managed by seasoned software veterans and funded by leading
 venture capitalists, including DCM - Doll Capital Management,
 MorgenthalerVentures, and Discovery Ventures.
     About JasperSoft
     Based in San Francisco, JasperSoft is the leading provider of commercial
 open source reporting solutions.  Anchored by the world's most popular open
 source reporting engine JasperReports, and its complementary commercial
 reporting product, JasperDecisions, JasperSoft brings customers the best of
 the open source and commercial software worlds.  More than 10,000 companies in
 over 50 countries currently use JasperSoft in their operations.  Delivering
 broad deployment and lower cost of ownership to customers worldwide,
 JasperSoft customers have the benefits of solutions that are backed by a
 community and supported by a company.   For more information, please visit

SOURCE JasperSoft Corporation