JasperSoft Unveils JasperReports DBA Dashboard for MySQL

DBA Dashboard Captures Critical Database Information and Performance Stats for

MySQL Servers, Provides Companies With Real-Time View of MySQL Data

Aug 05, 2005, 01:00 ET from JasperSoft

    SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- JasperSoft, the leader in commercial
 open source reporting solutions and a MySQL Network Certified Gold Partner,
 today unveiled the new JasperReports DBA Dashboard for MySQL.  The open source
 JasperReports DBA Dashboard for MySQL is designed to give MySQL administrators
 the ability to monitor performance and use, plus identify problems across an
 unlimited number of MySQL database servers.  Demonstrations of the product are
 available in the MySQL booth #810 at LinuxWorld.
     JasperReports is the world's most popular open source reporting engine.
 Downloaded more than 420,000 times, JasperReports has been deployed in
 10,000 leading companies and ISVs in at least 50 countries.  JasperReports is
 currently ranked as the 7th most active project on Sourceforge.com, which
 hosts over 100,000 open source projects.  An industry standard, it is now
 integrated with MySQL and JBoss.
     "MySQL and JasperReports are used together frequently in open source
 applications," said Al Campa, founder and executive vice president at
 JasperSoft.  "Typically, JasperReports is used to display MySQL data in a
 variety of report types, including HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV and XML.  Now,
 JasperSoft has built an extension to JasperReports that accesses and stores
 performance and usage data from a number of MySQL database servers, and
 presents it within JasperReports' Dashboard view.  MySQL DBAs now will have
 the ability to monitor the performance of an unlimited number of MySQL servers
 over any period of time."
     JasperReports is heavily used within the MySQL community.  A recent survey
 conducted by MySQL revealed that JasperReports is the most popular reporting
 engine within the MySQL community.  More than 40 percent of MySQL users who
 responded to the survey said they were using or considering JasperReports.
 Results of the survey can be found at:
 http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/quickpolls/reporting-products.html .
     "Given the popularity of the JasperReports reporting engine in the MySQL
 community, a JasperReports-based DBA Dashboard for MySQL makes perfect sense,"
 said Robin Schumacher, director of product management, MySQL AB. "The
 JasperReport DBA Dashboard for MySQL can be a tremendous help to MySQL DBAs,
 providing an extension to JasperReports that lets  them monitor and tune their
 database servers to build high-performing and large-scale MySQL applications."
     Using JasperReports DBA Dashboard for MySQL, DBAs will be able to:
      --  Capture real-time performance and usage stats, such as selects,
          inserts, connections, login times, as well as schema and privilege
          information, for an unlimited number of MySQL database servers;
      --  Display the stats by second, minute, hour, or day in JasperReports;
      --  Allow MySQL database administrators to monitor performance and
          quickly identify problems in real time.
     In addition, it can access any MySQL database server and deliver
 compelling, highly formatted reporting in a variety of output types, including
 HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML. Many enterprises and ISVs are already
 deploying both MySQL and JasperReports and are prime candidates for this new
     "Many of Germany's largest enterprises, including H-P, GlaxoSmithKline,
 Exxon, T-Mobile and others, use our invoices management and controlling
 application based on JasperReports and MySQL," said Franco Weichel, CEO at
 Komm-Kontroll, a German software company. "We are excited to see JasperSoft's
 partnership with MySQL result in new enhancements already."
     "MySQL is the only database used in GlucoDYNAMIX(TM), our real-time
 wireless diabetes intervention technology," said Eric Link, CTO at Diabetech,
 a Dallas-based diabetes intervention technology company. "Blood glucose data
 is captured automatically for the patient and wirelessly transmitted to the
 system where algorithms are applied and ultimately alerts, reminders, requests
 and reports are delivered to various members of the care team -- all in real
 time. JasperReports allows us to very efficiently deliver reports via both PDF
 and HTML, with no extra programming. PDF is a must for providing clinical
 trial staff with high-quality printing for their medical records. JasperSoft
 and MySQL are helping us remain agile as we deliver extended reporting
 functionality to our customers."
     JasperReports DBA Dashboard for MySQL is available today from JasperSoft
 at http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/ .
     About JasperSoft
     Based in San Francisco, JasperSoft is the leading provider of commercial
 open source reporting solutions.  Anchored by the world's most popular open
 source reporting engine, JasperSoft brings customers the best of the open
 source and commercial software worlds via its open source project,
 JasperReports, and its commercial reporting solution, JasperDecisions. More
 than 10,000 companies in at least 50 countries currently use JasperReports in
 their enterprise operations.  Delivering broad deployment and lower cost of
 ownership to customers worldwide, JasperSoft customers have the benefits of
 solutions that are backed by a community and supported by a company.   For
 more information, please visit http://www.jaspersoft.com .
     NOTE:  JasperSoft, JasperReports, and JasperDecisions and their logos are
 trademarks JasperSoft in the United States and other countries.  All other
 logos are the property of their respective owners.
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