Jennifer Lopez Reveals More Than That Infamous Dress...

In the (New) August Issue of W Magazine on Newsstands July 21st Nationwide

Jul 12, 2000, 01:00 ET from W

    NEW YORK, July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Notorious for her sizzling sex appeal,
 Jennifer Lopez shows off everything she's got in the (new) August issue of W
 magazine.  From her backside to her love life, the press covers her every move
 including her high-profile relationship with a bad-boy rapper, a green Versace
 dress and the reputation of being "the baddest bitch in Hollywood."  With a
 revealing interview and stunning, provocative photos, you'll see this
 multitalented superstar at her sexiest as she talks with W entertainment
 editor Merle Ginsberg about the motivation behind her tenacious drive that has
 brought her from her old neighborhood to Hollywood Hills.  Following are
 highlight's from W's interview with Hollywood's favorite bad girl:
                         ON HER PROMINENT BACKSIDE ...
     "I started feeling like, 'Lord! I better keep on my game! Everyone's
 watching me.'  A little bit of jiggly is okay if that's what your boyfriend
 likes.  But when that doesn't work for you, you've got to change it.  I just
 don't feel good these days if I feel flabby -- so I'll go and I'll run every
                               ON PUFF DADDY ...
     "One of the great things about being with who I'm with right now is that
 he and I do understand each other's business.  We've both separately built
 something from nothing.  So he is my equal in that sense.  It's hard for me,
 or any woman in this business, to find somebody who understands what makes me
                          ON HER TOUGH-GIRL IMAGE ...
     "Everybody thinks I'm so tough.  I guess that's because of where I'm from
 or who I've played.  Maybe I just give off that vibe."
                           ON THAT INFAMOUS DRESS ...
     "Like I planned that! Hey, I liked the dress, I wore it, I went out.  I'd
 already seen it on Donatella at the Met Costume Ball, so I didn't think it was
 a big deal.  Underneath, it's like a bathing suit- green, with a full panty.
 There was no danger of the dress falling off, believe me. I couldn't believe
 it was such a big deal."
     "They (her parents) were freaking out (about the dress).  First my father
 called and said, 'Oh, Jen, no!' Now he's saying, 'Hey, it's the biggest thing
                              ON BEING IN LOVE ...
     "You know, people who know me have always said that the only place I'm
 vulnerable is in my love life.  I've always operated from my heart.  That's
 what inspires me to sing and dance or act or get up in the morning.  It all
 comes from love of my family and love of my significant other.  Anyone who had
 to describe me would say that.  That's who I am.  Therein lies my
                             ON HER SEX APPEAL ...
     "Being sexy comes from being confident.  People who are okay with
 themselves are the sexiest.  You see the girl on the beach in Miami all the
 guys are drooling over?  All the other girls can't figure it out.  They're
 all, 'Her tits are droopin', her butt's too big, her thighs have cellulite!'
 But she'll be walkin' in such a way, the guys are dyin'.  She's okay with
                          ON HER OVERACTIVE CAREER ...
     "It's a gypsy's life.  And I've been doing it for 10 years.  But hey- one
 of these days, I'm going to sit down and have kids.  So I've go to do all of
 this while I can."
                         ON HER NEW MOVIE THE CELL ...
     "It had a good role for a woman.  It was the kind of role I hadn't played
 before.  I mean, it's dark and surreal.  One day, I was chained to the bed in
 their really weird half-geisha, half-freaky outfit, and Vince Vaughn was
 nearby dressed up like a cowboy, and we both looked at each other and
 wondered, 'Is this gonna work?' I haven't seen it yet.  You never know what
 will happen.  All you can know is that you gave it 100 percent."
                           ON THE MOVIE BUSINESS ...
     "The studio was actually afraid to tell me about the last one (actor who
 bailed a month before shooting began on Angel Eyes). I think they thought I
 would freak out.  But I've learned too much about the politics of movies to
 get caught up in stuff.  I just said, 'Give me a list of other actors who are
 right for this part.'  And we got our first choice, Jim Caviezel."
                                ON HER IDOL ...
     "That's why I took voice and dance classes, as well as acting.  To me,
 singing and dancing and acting were one thing: that's what stars did.  I
 idolized Rita Moreno, because she was Puerto Rican, and she was the only woman
 who's ever won a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy.  And she was Anita in
 West Side Story- my favorite role in my favorite movie! I so wanted to be
 Bernardo's girlfriend ... he was the leader of the gang, and she was just cool
 enough, you know?  She was confident, man.  Cool and in control.  Maria was
 helpless- helplessly in love.  There's a difference.  I wanted to be
 independent and in control and supportive of my man -- like her."
                      ON HER DEDICATION TO HER CAREER ...
     "For The Wedding Planner, I had to do a drunk scene.  I'm freaking, 'cause
 I've never been drunk!  After six (shots of straight vodka) I admit, I felt a
 little warm and woozy.  He (director Adam Shankman) told me, 'Jennifer, you
 can stop now.'"