JINSA: This Goes Beyond Bin Laden

Sep 13, 2001, 01:00 ET from Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In the face of horrendous acts of
 terrorism against the United States, JINSA calls on the American government
 and on all world leaders to be decisive in their actions to confront the
 terrorists and their supporters, who rely on our taking half measures in
     We must begin by condemning them and their organizations by name; we know
 who they are.  Osama Bin Laden, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad are only
 the most prominent. The countries harboring and training them include not just
 Afghanistan -- an easy target for blame -- but Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria,
 Sudan, the Palestinian Authority, Libya, Algeria and even our presumed friends
 Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
     We must make them believe there is not one inch of soil on the planet that
 is a haven or training ground for them.
     The United States can have no political relationship with any country or
 group whose citizens celebrate the death of innocent Americans.  There is
 nothing to justify dancing in the streets and rejoicing over an American
 tragedy.  This behavior tells us who our friends are, and who wishes our
 mortal enemies well.
     A long investigation to prove Osama Bin Laden's guilt with prosecutorial
 certainty is entirely unnecessary.  He is guilty in word and deed.  His
 history is the source of his culpability.  The same holds true for Saddam
 Hussein.  Our actions in the past certainly were not forceful enough, and now
 we must seize the opportunity to alter this pattern of passivity.
     In response to the attack on September 11 JINSA calls on the United States
     * Halt all US purchases of Iraqi oil under the UN Oil for Food Program and
       to provide all necessary support to the Iraq National Congress,
       including direct American military support, to effect a regime change in
     * Bomb identified terrorist training camps and facilities in any country
       harboring terrorists.  Interdict the supply lines to terrorist
       organizations, including but not limited to those between Damascus and
       Beirut that permit Iran to use Lebanon as a terrorist base.
     * Revoke the Presidential Order banning assassinations.
     * Overturn the 1995 CIA Directive limiting whom the U.S. can recruit to
       aid counter-terrorism in an effort to boost our human intelligence.
     * Freeze the bank accounts of organizations in the US that have links to
       terrorism-supporting groups and their political wings.  Ask other
       countries and financial institutions to do the same.
     * Demand that Egypt and Saudi Arabia sever all remaining ties with Osama
       Bin Laden, including ties with Saudi-sponsored nongovernmental
       organizations and groups abroad that raise money for Bin Laden and other
       terrorist organizations.
     * Suspend US Military Aid to Egypt while re-evaluating Egypt's support for
       American policy objectives, and re-evaluate America's security
       relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States unless both actually
       join in our war against terrorism.
     * Ensure that American technology, arms, technical support and personnel
       are not supplied to countries that do not fully support American
       objectives regarding terrorism, and through which terrorists might
       acquire American materiel.  Ask our allies and other countries to
       undertake similar restrictions.
     * Reassess the visa process by which nationals from hostile nations are
       permitted to enter the United States.  And tighten controls at the
       Canadian and Mexican borders to prevent access by people without
       appropriate documentation.
     * Strengthen American law enforcement efforts to identify and eliminate
       terrorist cells operating in the United States.
     * Take immediate steps to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.
     The terrorists who struck on Tuesday changed the physical and political
 landscape of America.  We in JINSA trust that our government and our people
 will make them regret that day.
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 National Security Affairs, +1-202-833-0020.
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SOURCE Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs