Jive Software Announces Open-Source of Spark IM Client

Complete EIM Suite Now Available as Open-Source Product

Jun 05, 2006, 01:00 ET from Jive Software, Inc.

    PORTLAND, Ore., June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Jive Software, a leading
 provider of easy-to-use, open-architecture, enterprise collaboration
 software, today announced it will license its Spark IM Client application
 under the LGPL Open Source license (the "GNU Lesser General Public
 License"). Spark, based on the open IETF standard XMPP (Jabber) protocol,
 is a cross-platform, Java-based Client optimized for use with Jive
 Software's Open-Source XMPP Wildfire Server.
     With this announcement, all of the applications an organization needs
 for a complete EIM ("Enterprise Instant Messaging") system are available
 under Open-Source licensing terms from Jive Software. "Thanks to its tight
 integration with our Wildfire IM server, Spark has been a popular free
 Client since it was released last November," said Matt Tucker, CTO, Jive
 Software. "I'm excited to offer Spark to our large development community as
 part of a complete Open-Source EIM platform and expect that it will grow
 even stronger with their support."
     "We plan to retain our position as the market-leading Open-Source
 alternative for real-time communications," said Dave Hersh, Jive Software's
 CEO. "Using an open standard and an Open Source stack gives organizations
 the ability to create massive competitive advantage through customization,
 integration and federation, which the larger proprietary systems just can't
 deliver. The Open Sourcing of Spark makes that potential even stronger."
     Developers interested in learning about the Spark or Wildfire project
 Messenger project or in downloading the software can find more information
 at www.jivesoftware.org . The source code for Spark will be released in
 approximately four weeks.
     About Jive Software:
     Jive Software improves how people work together through easy-to-use,
 open- architecture, enterprise collaboration software, providing intuitive,
 valuable, easy to deploy software for engineers and users. Jive Software
 does this through a flexible system for collaboration that matches an open,
 enterprise-class architecture with a dedication to ease of use and smarter
 features. By keeping the architecture open, Jive Software ensures that
 integration and customization are easy, and that employees, customers and
 partners can all work together in the same environment. Through this laser-
 focus on flexibility and practicality, Jive Software is changing the way
 people collaborate. www.jivesoftware.com

SOURCE Jive Software, Inc.