John Pleasants Named CEO of Revolution Health Group; Carly Fiorina Joins Board of Directors

Sep 08, 2005, 01:00 ET from Revolution Health Group

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- John Pleasants, the former President
 of Interactive Corp's Information and Services Group and CEO of Ticketmaster,
 has been named Chief Executive Officer of Revolution Health Group (RHG).
 Pleasants, with a track record of turning promising ideas into household brand
 names, will direct Revolution Health Group as it seeks to become the leading,
 comprehensive, consumer-driven health company.
     RHG also announced that Carly Fiorina has become an investor and will
 become a member of RHG's Board of Directors.  Fiorina joins RHG Chairman Steve
 Case, former Secretary of State Colin Powell; former Fortune 500 CEOs Frank
 Raines, Jim Barksdale and Steve Wiggins; and leading venture capitalist Miles
 Gilburne, among others, as investor/directors in RHG.
     Pleasants Named CEO
     John Pleasants has held multiple leadership positions with
 IAC/InterActiveCorp (Nasdaq:   IACI) since 1998.  These include serving as CEO
 of Ticketmaster since 2001, and President of IAC's Information and Services
 Group, where he helped turn start-ups such as, Evite, and CitySearch
 into household names that changed the way consumers manage some of their most
 important needs.  In each of these assignments, Pleasants established himself
 as a builder of a portfolio of businesses with shared technology,
 infrastructure, expertise and leadership.  Knitting together a variety of
 companies into cohesive operating units -- Pleasants' strategy at
 InterActiveCorp -- is also the strategy that RHG has followed in its first few
 months since launch in July 2005.
     "Revolution Health Group has a simple -- yet challenging -- goal:  to put
 consumers at the center of the health system, giving them greater control,
 choice and convenience in meeting their healthcare needs," Case said.  "John
 brings an outstanding track record in building diverse businesses in sectors
 undergoing transformational change, making daily life easier and more
 productive for consumers and their families."
     Pleasants said, "I'm delighted to join an exceptional leadership team at
 Revolution Health Group that's applying entrepreneurial thinking, expertise
 and innovation to tackle one of our nation's most pressing challenges.  It is
 widely regarded that the U.S. healthcare system has reached a critical point
 and is ripe for breakthrough. Revolution Health Group will be a major force in
 accelerating that transformation and building significant companies in the new
 category of consumer-driven healthcare."
     Fiorina Joins Board
     Carly Fiorina was the CEO of Hewlett Packard from 1999 to 2005 and served
 as chairman of the board from 2000 to 2005.  Prior to her tenure with Hewlett
 Packard, she held multiple leadership positions with Lucent Technologies.
     Case said, "We're delighted to welcome Carly to the RHG Board and as an
 investor in RHG.  She has extensive leadership experience in developing and
 leading complex business operations, identifying and bringing to market
 promising technologies, and overseeing significant mergers and acquisitions --
 all central to the future of our business."
     Fiorina said, "Revolution Health Group is driven by an exceptional vision
 informed by the experience of world-class entrepreneurs, business innovators
 and investors. I'm excited to join the board."
     In addition to Fiorina, the RHG investor/board members are (in
 alphabetical order):  Jim Barksdale, Steve Case, John Delaney, Miles Gilburne,
 David Golden, Colin Powell, Frank Raines, Steve Wiggins, and Jeff Zients.
     Revolution Health Group
     Revolution Health Group was established in July 2005 to create the leading
 comprehensive consumer-directed healthcare company.  One of three business
 groups in the Revolution LLC family of companies, RHG empowers consumers by
 putting them at the center of the health system, building innovative health-
 related companies through investments, acquisitions and partnerships.  RHG's
 strategy is to create businesses and products that provide greater consumer
 choice, control and convenience in three key healthcare sectors affected by
 the rapid growth of the Internet, and defined-contribution health plans:
 content; coverage; and care.
     Revolution, LLC
     Revolution, a Washington, DC-based operating and investment company
 launched by Steve Case in April 2005, seeks to drive transformative change by
 shifting power to consumers and building significant, category-defining
 companies in the process.  Revolution's aim is to give people more choice,
 control and convenience in three market sectors poised for disruptive
 change -- Health, Living, and Resorts.

SOURCE Revolution Health Group