John Ratzenberger Takes Viewers on Primetime Search for Iconic American Made Products in JOHN RATZENBERGER'S MADE IN AMERICA

Series Premiere to Air on Tuesday, January 6 at 9 PM ET

Dec 08, 2003, 00:00 ET from Travel Channel

    SILVER SPRING, Md., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ - Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
 Ivory Soap.  Hasbro/Parker Brothers Monopoly board games.  John Deere
 tractors.  Most Americans have used at least one of these products, but have
 they thought about where and how they were made?  Scores of products are "Born
 in the USA," but what gives an American product staying power? Host John
 Ratzenberger reveals the answers when he hits the road for JOHN RATZENBERGER'S
 MADE IN AMERICA, which premieres Tuesday, January 6 at 9 PM (ET).
     John Ratzenberger becomes the ultimate American Worker in this new series,
 going into the factories and working side-by-side to create Welch's Grape
 Juice, build with Craftsman tools, and test a new set of Goodyear tires.
 Ratzenberger, who has a profound love for the ingenuity that goes into
 manufacturing, uses his humor, wit and enthusiasm as he uncovers the history
 behind some of the most recognized icons in America and persuades many of the
 workers to talk about what it is like to make some of these classic American
     "These are the people who really built America, who get up every morning
 and work their hearts out every day," Ratzenberger said.  "They get their
 hands dirty and they are great at what they do.  They take pride in their
 workmanship, and there's nothing like it."
     JOHN RATZENBERGER'S MADE IN AMERICA serves up snapshots of the people and
 places that are the backbone of the American economy.  The new series travels
 from town to town, highlighting the unique niche each product has found in
 popular culture.  Ratzenberger provides viewers with an intimate portrait of
 the American worker, focusing on the craft and the level of skill, pride and
 dedication workers bring to the manufacturing process, as they create a
 multitude of products that Americans, and often the rest of the world, have
 come to depend on.
     Travel Channel executive vice president and general manager Rick Rodriguez
 said, "There is a thirst for knowledge about how American products got started
 and how they are made.  Coming from a hard-working blue-collar family, John
 Ratzenberger has a genuine appreciation for inventors and craftsmen.  This
 series was a labor of love which honors the creative and entrepreneurial
 spirit of America."
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