John Ratzenberger to Host Des Moines Town Hall Meeting on American Manufacturing

TV star headlines the Alliance for American Manufacturing's 'Keep it

Made in America' event; encourages voters to ask the Presidential

candidates how they will strengthen U.S. manufacturing

Oct 15, 2007, 01:00 ET from Alliance for American Manufacturing

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On October 17th in Des
 Moines, Iowa, television and film star John Ratzenberger and the Alliance
 for American Manufacturing (AAM) will host a 'Keep it Made in America' Town
 Hall Meeting. The Des Moines event is the second of seven national meetings
 being held to spotlight growing voter concern about the challenges facing
 American workers and manufacturers.
     "I'm proud to partner with the Alliance for American Manufacturing on
 the 'Keep it Made in America' town hall meetings," said Ratzenberger. "I've
 traveled all across this country and I've seen firsthand how manufacturing
 drives our economy. In this presidential election, we have a chance to make
 the voices of American manufacturing heard in Iowa. We're going to educate
 and inspire voters to ask candidates the hard questions about manufacturing
 jobs and how they intend to keep manufacturing 'Made in America'."
     From humble beginnings in Bridgeport, Connecticut, John Ratzenberger
 gained international fame on the acclaimed television series Cheers. Today,
 Ratzenberger hosts his own show about American manufacturing on the Travel
 Channel, John Ratzenberger's Made in America.
     "John gets the challenges we're facing. He understands the impact of
 job losses and factory closings on our community," said Chaz Allen, Mayor
 of Newton. "Manufacturing is still the largest sector of Iowa's economy,
 but we need to overcome some real obstacles. Our state has lost more than
 22,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000 - jobs that hard-working Iowa families
 depended on. It's time for the presidential candidates to stand up for the
 workers and manufacturers in Iowa."
     The "Keep it Made in America" town hall meeting will be held on
 Wednesday, October 17th, at the Iowa Events Center, 730 Third Street, in
 Des Moines. Doors open at 6:00 pm. The program begins at 6:30 pm. Admission
 is free and is open to the general public.
     During the town hall meeting, Ratzenberger will encourage Iowa voters
 to ask the presidential candidates three key questions about their
 commitment to American manufacturing:
     -- How will you save American manufacturing jobs?
     -- What specific policies will you enact to strengthen the American
        manufacturing base, which is vital to our economic and national
     -- What steps will you take to enforce trade laws and hold cheating
        countries like China accountable?
     "There's no shortage of Presidential candidates in Iowa. We need to
 hold their feet to the fire and demand answers to the tough questions on
 trade and manufacturing," said Al Skinner, President USW Local 310, which
 represents workers at Firestone Agricultural Tire. "Iowa voters need to
 know if their next president will level the playing field and stop
 countries like China from cheating or sit idly by while our manufacturing
 jobs continue to move offshore. Manufacturing is our future, and we want a
 president who will do something about it."
     "The manufacturers and workers of Iowa share John Ratzenberger's and
 AAM's dedication to strengthening American manufacturing, and we're excited
 to work together to urge the candidates to focus on these issues," said
 Scott Paul, AAM's executive director. "For America to remain the leader in
 the global economy, we have to overcome some very real challenges that
 threaten the vital core of our economic engine. Our town hall meetings will
 initiate this important dialogue and empower voters to continue the
 discussion with their presidential candidates."
     The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a unique non-partisan,
 labor-management partnership forged to strengthen manufacturing in the U.S.
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SOURCE Alliance for American Manufacturing