John Ratzenberger to Host Series of Town Hall Meetings on Manufacturing Issues

TV and film star will headline 'Keep it Made in America' events to

encourage voters to ask presidential candidates to speak out about the

issues that threaten U.S. workers and manufacturers

Sep 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from Alliance for American Manufacturing

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On September 25th in
 Manchester, New Hampshire, television and film star John Ratzenberger and
 the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) will kick off a series of
 "Keep it Made in America" town hall meetings. The town hall series, which
 will travel to seven cities in twelve weeks, will highlight the growing
 demand among voters that the presidential candidates address the challenges
 facing American workers and manufacturers.
     "I'm proud to partner with AAM on the 'Keep it Made in America' Town
 Hall Series. I've traveled all across this country and I've seen firsthand
 how manufacturing drives our economy. Our manufacturers, workers and their
 communities are the heart and soul of America," said Ratzenberger. "In this
 presidential election, we have a chance to make the voices of American
 manufacturing heard in places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina
 where it matters first. We're going to educate and inspire voters to ask
 the candidates the hard questions about jobs and to find out how they will
 'Keep it Made in America'."
     From humble beginnings in Bridgeport, Connecticut, John Ratzenberger
 gained international fame on the acclaimed television series 'Cheers.'
 During more than three decades of movie making and theatre, John has
 enjoyed success as a screenwriter, director, producer and multi-nominated
 Emmy actor. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist.
 Today, John hosts his own show about manufacturing on the Travel Channel.
 'John Ratzenberger's Made in America,' which airs Tuesday's at 9:00 and
 9:30 pm ET/PT, brings viewers the stories of the best people, places and
 products in the United States. He honors the men and women in the United
 States who work with their hands and skillfully make products that are the
 backbone of the American economy.
     "John has a deep understanding of the challenges we face, including
 unfair trading practices, that affect real people and real communities all
 across the country," said Leo W. Gerard, president of the United
 Steelworkers. "In the towns that we will visit, in companies featured on
 John's show, and across America, American workers and companies are under
 attack. Since 2000, we've lost a staggering 3.2 million manufacturing jobs,
 jobs that offer a better standard of living for millions of hard-working
 Americans. The town hall series will bring attention to issues that
 American voters are demanding to hear about -- a real commitment from
 presidential candidates to ensure a strong manufacturing industry."
     "Keep it Made in America" Town hall meetings will be held in the
 following cities:
     -- Tuesday, September 25th -- Manchester, NH
     -- Wednesday, October 17th -- Des Moines, IA
     -- Thursday, November 8th -- Columbus, OH
     -- Tuesday, November 13th -- Pittsburgh, PA
     -- Thursday, November 29th -- Buffalo, NY
     -- Date TBD -- Chicago, IL
     -- Date TBD -- South Carolina
     The series will target voters in the early voting and swing states like
 New Hampshire and Iowa who have a unique opportunity to impress upon the
 presidential candidates the urgency of the problems facing American
 manufacturing. During the town hall events, Ratzenberger will encourage
 voters to ask the presidential candidates three key questions to determine
 their commitment to keeping manufacturing jobs in the country:
     -- How will you save American manufacturing jobs?
     -- What specific policies will you enact to strengthen the American
        manufacturing base, which is vital to our economic and national
     -- What steps will you take to enforce our trade laws and hold cheating
        countries like China accountable?
     "Democratic and Republican presidential candidates alike have not
 adequately addressed the immense challenges facing manufacturing in this
 country, despite the fact that this important economic sector is central to
 our national security. American manufacturers supply advanced materials for
 equipment like the Joint Strike Fighter, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and
 the Abrams Tank," said Scott Paul, AAM's executive director. "Voters all
 over America know how critical it is to reverse the decline in our
 industrial base and save American manufacturing jobs. We can no longer
 afford to sit idly by while countries like China cheat on trade agreements,
 threatening our ability to produce what we need domestically."
     "John Ratzenberger shares AAM's dedication to keeping the American
 manufacturing industry alive, and he has joined us in our quest to urge the
 candidates to focus on these issues," said Paul. "The American qualities of
 hard work, ingenuity and innovation have enabled us to get where we are
 today. But, for America to remain the leader in the global economy, we have
 to overcome some very real challenges that threaten the vital core of our
 economic engine. Our town hall events will initiate this important dialogue
 and empower voters to continue the discussion with the presidential
     For more information on the "Keep it Made in America" town hall series
 please visit: and
     The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a unique non-partisan, non-
 profit partnership forged to strengthen manufacturing in the U.S. AAM
 brings together a select group of America's leading manufacturers and the
 United Steelworkers to promote creative policy solutions on priorities such
 as international trade, energy security, health care, retirement security,
 currency manipulation, and other issues of mutual concern. For more

SOURCE Alliance for American Manufacturing