Johnson Controls Launches New Building Controls Technology; Company is First In Industry with Web Services-Based Platform

Technology Will Revolutionize the Way Enterprises Manage Their Facilities

Apr 15, 2003, 01:00 ET from Johnson Controls, Inc.

    MILWAUKEE, April 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Johnson Controls, Inc.
 (NYSE:   JCI), the global leader in facility management and control, is
 introducing the first Web services-based facility management platform in the
 industry. The Metasys(R) building management system incorporates
 Microsoft's .NET-connected software, providing unmatched operational
 efficiencies and cost savings to owners of nonresidential buildings. This
 technology will allow businesses and other organizations to easily
 interconnect and manage a wide range of facility systems.
     In the past, corporations, schools, hospitals and government facilities
 were limited in how they could operate and optimize their facilities. Power,
 heating, air conditioning, lighting, fire and security systems came in
 proprietary packages, which restricted how and from where they could be
 controlled. It also limited how data from those systems could be accessed and
 transformed into meaningful information.
     The Johnson Controls Web services-based Metasys technology uses
 Microsoft .NET-connected software not only to integrate and simplify the
 operation of these systems, but for the first time to link them to the
 management information systems integral to every enterprise. This allows
 enterprise-wide connectivity, monitoring, data acquisition and reporting of
 vital operational information.  As a result, businesses and other
 organizations can establish healthier, more productive and safer environments
 -- at less cost and effort.
     Previously such integration, when possible, could only be achieved with
 hours of computer programming to create customized connections for every
 individual application.
     For example, the Metasys technology can automatically link with a school's
 calendar database to turn on and then turn off the lights and heat in a school
 building that is being used for a weekend event, eliminating the need for
 duplicate entries, processes and operators.  No special computer code must be
 written to effect the connection. And the school district's facility director
 can monitor and command the building's operation from any browser, if an
 unscheduled event is to take place.
     "Building owners want solutions that simplify operations, reduce costs and
 improve efficiencies," said Brian Stark, president of the Controls Group of
 Johnson Controls.  "We recognized that a Web-services based system would give
 owners of nonresidential facilities the best tool to seamlessly and cost
 effectively link management databases, building controls, security systems,
 and other systems, whether they are in one building, spread across a corporate
 campus or across a continent. We believe this provides a tremendous
 competitive advantage to our customers."
     Johnson Controls is the market leader in building controls technology,
 with more than 15,000 customers worldwide that use its flagship Metasys(R)
 building management system.  This Web services-based version of the Metasys
 system advances the ease of use and versatility that were features of the
 original system, introduced in 1990. Customers with existing Metasys systems
 will be able to integrate the new technology into their systems. This Metasys
 system can be operated from a desktop or laptop computer, or any remote
 browser-supported device. Conventional building management systems require a
 dedicated, proprietary workstation.
     Among the cost savings and operational benefits of the Metasys system:
     -- Reduced expenses: The Metasys system eliminates the need for
        proprietary workstations and software, which can result in significant
        savings on installation costs. For example, giving multiple users
        access to the system can be provided at much less than it would cost
        to provide the same access to a conventional building automation
     -- Distributed access: The Web services-based Metasys system provides
        access to real-time information anytime, anywhere through desktops,
        laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) or home PCs. This
        operational flexibility can improve employee productivity and reduce
        an enterprise's operating costs.
     -- Meaningful data: The Metasys system transforms data into useful
        information that is easily accessible to any interested manager, not
        just facilities staff. For example, in a critical care environment, a
        clinical manager can use the Metasys system to access a real-time,
        single screen snapshot of the status of isolation rooms -- including a
        patient's name, diagnosis, when he/she was admitted to the room, who
        occupied that room previously and that person's diagnosis, the room's
        temperature, humidity and status of the isolation air-handling system.
        Previously, such information only was available by logging into
        different systems, from different workstations.
     These benefits are possible because standard Web services technology is
 built into the core of the Metasys system. Web services allow two or more
 computer applications -- say a conference room scheduling system, employee
 database and building security system -- to share information and work
 cooperatively over the Internet. Web services are the tools that are finally
 enabling the connectivity between enterprises and applications envisioned when
 the Internet became widely accessible in the early '90s.
     "Microsoft .NET-connected software bridges disparate information and
 devices, allowing new and existing applications to interoperate across
 platforms," said Cliff Reeves, general manager, Platform Strategy Group at
 Microsoft Corp.  "By choosing to implement this Web services solution with
 Microsoft .NET-connected software, Johnson Controls is demonstrating its
 vision for enabling customers to reach new levels of enterprise agility and
 clearly demonstrates its leadership in the building controls industry."
     This Metasys system will be available on April 30.
     Johnson Controls, Inc., is a global market leader in automotive systems
 and facility management and control.  In the automotive market, it is a major
 supplier of integrated seating and interior systems, and batteries. For
 non-residential facilities, Johnson Controls provides control systems and
 services including comfort, energy and security management. Johnson Controls
 (NYSE:   JCI), founded in 1885, has headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its
 sales for 2002 totaled $20.1 billion.  For more information on Johnson
 Controls, Inc., visit the company's web site at .

SOURCE Johnson Controls, Inc.