Jonas Brothers Band Member Reveals He Has Diabetes at Diabetes Research Institute Fundraiser

Nick Jonas, Age 14, Hopes His Story Will Inspire Other Kids With Diabetes

Jonas is Among First in the Country to Adopt New Technology, The OmniPod(R)

Insulin Management System, to Help Him Manage His Diabetes

Mar 11, 2007, 00:00 ET from Insulet Corporation

    NEW YORK, March 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- About 1,000 people
 attending the Diabetes Research Institute's Carnival for a Cure fundraising
 event in New York this afternoon were treated to a live concert by the
 young pop rock band, the Jonas Brothers, and some surprising inspiration
 from one of the band members.
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     Nick Jonas, 14, who sings vocals and plays guitar and drums for the
 band, took center stage after the band's opening song and asked for a show
 of hands of people in the audience, especially kids, who have diabetes. He
 then raised his own hand, acknowledging for the first time publicly that he
 has type 1 diabetes, a disease that results when the body does not produce
 the hormone insulin that is needed to convert sugar into energy.
     Nick, who performs music around the country and in Europe with his
 older brothers Kevin, 19, and Joe, 17, told the families at New York's
 Metropolitan Pavilion he was diagnosed while on tour in November 2005.
 Exhibiting the classic symptoms of the disease, he was thirsty all the
 time, lost a lot of weight, and was acting uncharacteristically moody. When
 his doctor told him his sugar level was 700, meaning he had diabetes, his
 first thought was that he might die.
     "I had an emotional breakdown since I really had no idea what diabetes
 was all about," said Nick. "I wondered, 'why me?' Then I asked myself, 'why
 not me?' and realized that I might be able to help other kids with
     Nick spent three days in the hospital learning how to manage his
 diabetes, including how to give himself insulin injections several times a
 day. The band's busy tour schedule as a Disney Channel and teen and
 tween-aged pop rock band favorite, made managing his diabetes with
 injections a challenge.
     After reviewing different insulin therapy options including
 conventional insulin pumps that deliver insulin via long tubing attached to
 a pump typically worn on the belt, Nick opted instead for a relatively new
 insulin delivery system called the OmniPod(R) Insulin Management System,
 developed by Insulet Corporation. One of Nick's Pediatric Diabetes
 Educators, Carolyn Gershenson, RN, CPT of New York Pediatric Diabetes
 Consultants met with him and taught him how to use and administer insulin
 using the OmniPod System.
     The OmniPod System is a wireless continuous insulin delivery system
 that eliminates the need for injections and offers the same functions as a
 conventional insulin pump without the cumbersome tubing or pump worn on the
 belt. The System offers an innovative virtually pain-free automated
 insertion system that is hands-free for the user, as well as an integrated
 blood glucose meter. Nick was actually among the first consumers in the
 country to use the OmniPod System.
     "The important thing for Nick was that he be able to manage his insulin
 in a way that complemented his lifestyle," Gershenson said. "The OmniPod
 System made it possible for him to use the best therapy for
 insulin-requiring diabetes - continuous insulin therapy - in a very
 discreet, easy, and unencumbered way, and without interfering with his
 activities as a teenager and performer. The pod that adheres to the body is
 small, discreet and tube- free, and insulin delivery is entirely controlled
 with an easy-to-use, wireless hand-held device that also serves as a blood
 glucose meter and looks like a PDA or Mp3 player."
     "I knew I wanted the OmniPod System the second I saw it," said Nick.
 "The OmniPod System has really changed my life."
     Nick and his brothers just released a song on the soundtrack for
 Disney's new movie Meet the Robinsons due in theaters March 30. The band is
 recording their second CD, which is due to be launched in August, and their
 single, Year 3000, is number one on Radio Disney's Countdown. Last month,
 the Jonas Brothers were featured in Billboard Magazine as a top 40 band.
     After the show, before meeting fans for autographs and photos, Nick
 received gratitude and praise from Tom Stern, chairman-elect of the
 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation as well as parents of kids with
 diabetes for having the courage to tell his story.
     "We are incredibly inspired by the courage that Nick demonstrated by
 announcing that he is dealing with the daily challenges of type 1
 diabetes," Stern said, "We are grateful to the entire Jonas family for
 sharing this very personal message and for supporting the efforts of the
 Diabetes Research Institute."
     "At first, I was worried that diabetes would keep me from performing
 and recording and doing everything a teenager likes to do, but, my career
 is really ramping up," Nick said. "I want to let kids know that it doesn't
 have to be so hard. The most important thing is to never ever let yourself
 get down about having diabetes, because you can live a really great life as
 a kid with diabetes."
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 more information about the Diabetes Research Institute,

SOURCE Insulet Corporation