Jurni Network Launches One-of-a-Kind Desktop Application

Apr 26, 2004, 01:00 ET from Sabre Travel Network

    SOUTHLAKE, Texas, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Jurni Network, the offline
 leisure travel agency consortium, today announced the launch of Jurni
 InternetView, the integrated desktop application for Jurni member agents.
 Jurni InternetView allows a combination of global distribution system (GDS)
 and Web-based capabilities to be presented in the same workspace.
     This unique GDS-independent desktop application, based on the Nexion
 technology platform, is designed to interface with a variety of popular
 booking engines, including Sabre Vacations, the Sabre Travel Network private
 label version of Trisept Solutions' VAX VacationAccess tour browser.
 Exceptional travel products and supplier promotions available through Jurni
 InternetView will enable member agencies to sell high-margin offers and high-
 quality programs to their customers.
     The easy-to-use Jurni desktop combines the traditional GDS displays,
 familiar to agents, with graphical user interfaces to specific areas for
 additional information.  Merchandising alerts prompt agents to recommend
 preferred suppliers' products matched to their customers through the Jurni
 market intelligence system.  Jurni agents can anticipate buying predictions
 about their customers to bring the right product to the right customer at the
 right time.
     "I am very excited about the potential of this tool and the positive
 impacts on my day to day working environment," said Loretta Hjorth of Hjorth
 Travel in San Diego.  "With everything in one convenient place, it allows me
 to spend more time working with my clients."
     "The integrated desktop enables Jurni Network member agencies to grow
 their businesses and turn more shoppers into buyers," said Chris Kroeger,
 general manager of Jurni Network.  "In addition, the technology and CRM
 capabilities help Jurni agents deliver more sales -- and higher yield sales --
 to preferred suppliers, thus meeting the business objectives of both agents
 and suppliers, while providing customers the travel experiences they most
 desire.  Significant other features will be added to the Jurni Network desktop
 in the near future, including dynamic packaging, back office functions and
 cruise booking enhancements, among others."
     Features of the Jurni Network integrated desktop application currently
      -- Stable, reliable connectivity that is compatible with any Internet
         service provider.  All Internet connections, including dial-up, DSL,
         cable and satellite, are supported.
      -- Seamless integration with GDS and other inventory sources
      -- Electronic capability to access rates and book over 300 blocked cruise
         space departures
      -- One click access and log-on to Sabre Vacations, Consolidator Mall and
         Web air fares
      -- Access to the Jurni agency marketing programs system
      -- Agent access to Web itineraries
      -- Preferred travel product preferencing
      -- Single sign-in to all linked applications
     Training for Jurni agents on the Jurni Network desktop application is
 available through self-paced training courses and Webinars.  More information
 is available at www.jurni.com .
     About Jurni Network
     Jurni Network, a Sabre Travel Network brand, is a leisure travel agency
 consortium that enables offline agencies to sell more products from preferred
 travel suppliers by using sophisticated market intelligence.  This highly
 targeted distribution channel creates a whole new value proposition for
 suppliers and optimizes earnings for both suppliers and agencies.  Additional
 information about Jurni Network is available at www.jurni.com .
     About Sabre Travel Network
     Sabre Travel Network, a Sabre Holdings company, provides access to the
 world's leading global distribution system (GDS) enabling agents at more than
 53,000 agency locations worldwide to be travel experts.  The Sabre GDS, the
 first system to connect the buyers and sellers of travel, today includes more
 than 400 airlines, approximately 60,000 hotels, 41 car rental companies, nine
 cruise lines, 35 railroads and 220 tour operators.  Key brands of Sabre Travel
 Network include GetThere, the leading Web-based corporate travel reservation
 technology, and Jurni Network, the unique leisure travel agency consortium
 that enables members to sell more products from preferred travel suppliers
 using sophisticated market intelligence.
     Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE:   TSG) is a world leader in travel
 commerce, retailing travel products and providing distribution and technology
 solutions for the travel industry.  More information about Sabre Holdings is
 available at http://www.sabre-holdings.com .
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 and Sabre Vacations are trademarks and/or service marks of an affiliate of
 Sabre Holdings Corporation.  All other trademarks, service marks, and trade
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