Just Born Issues its 2006 State of MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R)

Mar 21, 2006, 00:00 ET from Just Born, Inc.

    BETHLEHEM, Pa., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Just Born, Inc., makers of
 MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) brand candies, has issued its 2006 State of MARSHMALLOW
 PEEPS(R).  From sweet celebrities to sugary delights, MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) cut
 through the fluff to get the current reading of the 2006 PEEPS(R) climate,
 their first report since 2002.
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     Joe Villiano, Assistant Brand Manager for MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R), commented,
 "We have found that consumers have an incredible connection with PEEPS(R) that
 is far greater than just enjoying them as a seasonal treat.  This year's State
 of MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) survey illustrates the connection that people share
 with PEEPS(R) as an Easter staple and a beloved character."
     Just Born is most curious as to whether MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) brand candies
 are a must-have to receive or give in Easter baskets.  An overwhelming 70.3%
 of people surveyed said "yes."
     Most Beautiful and Best Dressed PEEPS(R)
     The reigning MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) Chick iconic shape was bounced out for
 the first time by the MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) Bunny.  The PEEPS(R) Bunny shape
 was chosen as the most beautiful and best-dressed PEEPS(R) with 59.7% of the
 votes.  The PEEPS(R) Chick followed closely with 58.5%.
     In the last survey, PEEPS(R) Chicks won the category.
     Other shapes that were favored were the PEEPS(R) Snowmen (34.9%) and the
 PEEPS(R) Hearts (24.1%).
     PEEPS(R) Fans are Fit not Fluffy
     When surveyed as to whether or not PEEPS(R) fans considered themselves to
 be healthy and fit, 82.0% considered themselves healthy.
     Female Celebrity Most Resembling PEEPS(R)
     When respondents were asked which female celebrity most resembled
 PEEPS(R), they were reminded that the resemblance to PEEPS(R) was not limited
 to physique, but should include colorful attire, sweet nature or PEEPS(R)-like
 personality.  Respondents voted Oprah as the winner with 14.9%.  In a close
 second and third were Ellen DeGeneres (11.6%) and Jessica Simpson (9.7%).
     Other PEEPS(R) women mentioned included Angelina Jolie (8.2%), Kelly Ripa
 (6.9%), Halle Berry (6.2%), and Hilary Duff (6.0%).
     Male Celebrity Most Resembling PEEPS(R)
     The male resemblance also could be based on his physique, his colorful
 attire, his sweet nature or personality.  The incumbent from the past survey
 was Drew Carey and he won again with 17.5% of the votes.  Al Roker (8.9%) and
 Elton John (8.1%) held distant second and third positions.
     Other PEEPS(R) men included Ben Stiller (7.1%), Emeril Lagasse (6.7%),
 Will Ferrell (6.7%), Snoop Dogg (5.4%), and Jamie Foxx (5.2%).
     Public Person or Celebrity Most In Need of PEEPS(R)
     Whether it's for PEEPS(R) sweet decadence or for the fluffy escape,
 interesting people are in need of PEEPS(R).  The person identified most in
 need of PEEPS(R) was President Bush (19.4%).  Next in line were Mayor Ray
 Nagin (9.1%) and Hillary Clinton (8.5%).  Followed closely were Ashley and
 Mary Kate Olsen (8.1%).
     President Bush was also voted most in need of PEEPS(R) in the last survey.
     Other people in need of PEEPS(R) are Martha Stewart (7.6%), Lindsay Lohan
 (6.5%), and Howard Stern (5.3%).
     Eat Your PEEPS(R)
     Just Born learned that people eat their PEEPS(R) marshmallow candies in
 several distinct ways.  The most popular way to eat PEEPS(R) is fresh (26.5%).
 Followed by biting the PEEPS(R) head first (17.2%), stale or matured (8.5%),
 swallowing PEEPS(R) whole (7.8%), licking off the sugary coating (3.1%), and
 frozen (3.0%).
     They also found that 52.4% of the people surveyed like to eat 1 to 5
 PEEPS(R) at a time.
     Use Your PEEPS(R)
     MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) are fun for the whole family.  Beyond eating them
 plain, some of the ways Americans like to use their PEEPS(R) are to toast them
 over an open fire (6.9%), float them in hot chocolate (6.5%), microwave
 PEEPS(R) (6.4%), create PEEPS(R) crafts (4.1%), and bake with PEEPS(R) (0.6%).
     Years of PEEPS(R)
     Nostalgia is a big part of the MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) allure.  PEEPS(R)
 brand candies have been around for over fifty years.  When surveyed, people
 confessed to having loyalty for over thirty years (30.7%).
     Other PEEPS(R) fans have been enjoying their PEEPS(R) for 20-30 years
 (28.4%), 16-19 years (7.4%), 11-15 years (12.7%), 6-10 years (6.5%), and the
 newest PEEPS(R) fans 1-5 years (11.2%).
     Crazy for PEEPS(R)
     PEEPS(R) fans were asked to retell their craziest PEEPS(R) experience.
 This question was open-ended and therefore generated a variety of answers.
     Some people enjoy watching their youngsters eating PEEPS(R) while others
 have shared PEEPS(R) with their pets.  Adventurous PEEPS(R) lovers have
 juggled with them, set them on fire, blown them up in the microwave, and
 cooked with them.
     Finally, some avid fans have served them at parties, fought over them, and
 decorated with them.
     New ideas for PEEPS(R)
     PEEPS(R) marshmallow candies come in many shapes, colors, and flavors.
 Just Born asked their audience, if they were able to create a new PEEPS(R)
 shape, what would it be? Of people surveyed, 30.2% chose animal shapes such as
 a puppy/dog, kitten/cat, horse, or elephant.  Others chose new geometric
 shapes (3.6%) - circle, square, or star.  Tied with 2.9% of the votes were
 cars/trucks/motorcycles and sports/football.
     Some interesting new PEEPS(R) shapes included: dolls, teddy bears, body
 parts, flowers, shamrocks, smiley faces, or a crescent moon.
     Still 4.5% of loyal PEEPS(R) fans like them just the way they are!
     Survey Research About PEEPS(R)
     This MARSHMALLOW PEEPS(R) survey was conducted in two waves by
 International Communications Research (ICR), via an Excel National Telephone
 Omnibus Study.  It involved over 800 telephone interviews conducted from
 January 17 - February 1, 2006.
     Participants were males and females representing all regions of the
 country, a range of household incomes, educational levels, and races.
     ICR is located in Media, PA and can be reached at 484.840.4451.
     About Just Born, PEEPS(R) Maker
     Candy maker Just Born, Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1923
 and located in Bethlehem, PA.  Just Born also makes HOT TAMALES(R) brand
 cinnamon chewy candies, MIKE AND IKE(R) brand chewy fruit flavored candies,
 ZOURS(R) chewy sour candies, PEANUT CHEWS(R) candies, and TEENEE BEANEE(R)
 jellybeans.  The company employs over 600 associates and markets its candy in
 over 50 countries.
     Please also visit http://www.marshmallowPEEPS.com or

SOURCE Just Born, Inc.