Kahlua(R) Announces the Debut of Two Exotic New Flavors

- Kahlua French Vanilla and Kahlua Hazelnut Represent First-Ever

International Flavor Launches -

- Food and wine expert Ted Allen Featured in Public Relations Campaign -

Mar 15, 2007, 01:00 ET from Pernod Ricard

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., March 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Kahlua, the
 number one coffee liqueur in the world, today announced the debut of two
 new exotic flavors, Kahlua French Vanilla and Kahlua Hazelnut, available in
 stores in the United States beginning in May, 2007. The new flavors will be
 available outside the United States in the fall of 2007. Kahlua French
 Vanilla and Kahlua Hazelnut are indulgent additions to Kahlua's portfolio,
 which already includes the original Kahlua coffee liqueur, Kahlua Especial,
 Kahlua Ready-To-Drink, and Kahlua Drinks-To-Go cocktails.
     Made with a rich blend of coffee liqueur and the natural essences of
 Vanilla and Hazelnut, these luscious new flavors may be enjoyed over ice,
 or as a modern twist on signature Kahlua cocktails, such as the Kahlua
 White Russian.
     "The French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors are the perfect indulgent
 complements to Kahlua's rich coffee flavor," said Cyril Claquin, Senior
 Vice President, Global Marketing & Sales, Malibu-Kahlua International, the
 Pernod Ricard-owned company that shapes the brand's global strategy.
 "French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors consistently rank as favorites among
 our consumers, and we are confident that they will enjoy indulging in these
 two new exotics."
     Kahlua French Vanilla is a careful blend of premium vanilla married
 with the original Kahlua taste experience to create a smooth, sweet sensory
 indulgence. Kahlua Hazelnut has a gently roasted hazelnut flavor that makes
 for a rich and decadent taste that enhances Kahlua's unique taste profile.
     The launch of the two new flavors is Kahlua's biggest innovation in the
 last decade and the first since the brand was acquired by Pernod Ricard in
 late 2005. "Kahlua receives priority attention within our premium
 portfolio, and we are confident that the new flavors will fuel the brand's
 momentum," said Virginia Morris, Kahlua Brand Director at Pernod Ricard
 USA. Morris said, "The new flavors will be supported through a TV
 advertising campaign that will create over 500 million impressions,
 in-store sampling, point-of-sale materials, a consumer sweepstakes, and
 public relations efforts, including a campaign featuring food and wine
 expert Ted Allen of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," "Iron Chef America,"
 and "Top Chef." Kahlua French Vanilla and Kahlua Hazelnut will be available
 in 50ml, 750ml, and 1L sizes.
     For more information, please contact:
     Sandrine Ricard                     Jack Shea
     Malibu-Kahlua International         Pernod Ricard USA
     +1 (914) 259-6040                   (914) 848-4787
     Sandrine.ricard@malibu-kahlua.com   jack.shea@pernod-ricard-usa.com
     About Kahlua
     Kahlua is the number one coffee liqueur in the world. Kahlua is made
 from 100 percent Arabica coffee beans that are shade grown in the foothills
 of Mexico and roasted to perfection. The coffee, when blended with the
 finest imported rums and the sweetest vanilla, creates the exotic taste
 that is uniquely Kahlua. Kahlua Drinks-To-Go are available in: Mudslide,
 White Russian, Chocolate Latte, Kahlua & Milk, B-52, Toasted Almond, and
 Vanilla White Russian. Kahlua Ready-To-Drink are available in: Original
 Mudslide, White Russian, Chocolate Latte, Kappuccino, and Banana Mudslide.
     About Pernod Ricard USA
     Pernod Ricard USA, based in Purchase, N.Y., is a leading producer,
 importer and marketer of prized spirits and wine brands in the United
 States and is one of the fastest growing subsidiaries of the world's # 2
 spirits company and #4 wine company, Paris, France-based Pernod Ricard,
 S.A. The completion of Pernod Ricard's acquisition of Allied Domecq in 2005
 vaulted Pernod Ricard USA to the forefront of the U.S. spirits market,
 doubling the company's sales value and market share. The company is now the
 third largest in the U.S. spirits industry by sales value and the fifth
 largest by sales volume in the U.S.
     Pernod Ricard USA's leading brands include Kahlua(R) Liqueur, Chivas
 Regal(R) Scotch Whisky, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin(R), Malibu(R) flavored Rum,
 Stolichnaya(R)Vodkas, Jameson(R) Irish Whiskey, The Glenlivet(R) Single
 Malt Scotch Whisky, Wild Turkey(R) Bourbon, Beefeater(R) Gin, Hiram Walker
 Liqueurs and Martell Cognac, as well as Jacob's Creek(R) and Brancott
 Estate(R) wines, Perrier Jouet(R) Champagne, Mumm(R) Champagne and Mumm
 Napa wines, and Pernod(R) and Ricard(R) Liquors.
     About Malibu-Kahlua International
     Malibu-Kahlua International is a brand-ownership company, operating as
 a subsidiary within Pernod Ricard, S.A. Malibu-Kahlua International is the
 flagship unit for Pernod Ricard's global liqueur business, which currently
 stands at number two in the liqueur category. Malibu-Kahlua International
 operates and markets Malibu flavored rums, Kahlua coffee liqueur and Tia
 Maria coffee liqueur.
                  Please enjoy your exotic moment responsibly.

SOURCE Pernod Ricard