Kaplan to Acquire Holborn College, a UK Leader in International Education

Nov 29, 2005, 00:00 ET from Kaplan Inc.

    LONDON, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaplan today announced that it has signed
 an agreement to acquire Holborn College, an independent school of business and
 law in London.  The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
     Kaplan is a leading international educational services provider whose
 holdings include The Financial Training Company (FTC) in the UK, Dublin
 Business School and the Asia Pacific Management Institute (APMI) in Singapore.
 Kaplan, a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, is based in New York.
     Holborn College, founded in 1969, offers a range of pre-university,
 undergraduate, post-graduate and professional courses.  The college is a
 founding member of the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further
 and Higher Education, the national review body for the recognition of UK
 independent colleges.
     William Macpherson, CEO of Kaplan International and CEO of The Financial
 Training Company, said: "Holborn is a well-regarded educational institution in
 the UK and one with which we are proud to be affiliated. This acquisition
 gives us an opportunity to build upon Kaplan's resources and expertise while
 continuing to diversify our education holdings."
     Professor Cedric C. Bell, chief executive of Holborn College, said:
 "Kaplan is a recognized leader in the education industry and we are excited to
 be a part of the group.  We are also proud of what Holborn College has been
 able to accomplish in its 36-year history and look forward to building upon
 our successes under Kaplan's leadership."
     Holborn offers degree and post-graduate programs with three leading UK
 universities -- the University of Wales, the University of Huddersfield and
 the University of London External Programme. Holborn provides courses for
 students both at its London campus and by distance learning, with degrees
 being awarded by the respective universities.
     Kaplan recently partnered with two institutions of higher education in the
 UK to create Sheffield International College and Nottingham Trent
 International College. Through these colleges, Kaplan offers academic
 preparation programmes designed for international students that provide a
 solid academic foundation in their chosen area of study, combined with
 intensive English language preparation and academic study skills.
     Kaplan International Holdings
     FTC is a leading provider of test preparation services for accounting and
 financial service professionals in the UK. Dublin Business School is one of
 Ireland's largest private university-level institutions. APMI is one of Asia's
 largest private education providers for students, executives and managers in
     About Kaplan
     Kaplan provides higher education, professional training, test preparation,
 services for K12 schools and after-school learning programmes. Kaplan, which
 had 2004 revenues of more than $1.1 billion, is a wholly owned subsidiary of
 The Washington Post Company (NYSE:   WPO).  For more information about Kaplan,
 please visit http://www.kaplan.com.
     About Holborn College
     Holborn College is one of the most successful independent institutions of
 higher education in the UK.  The college, which operates principally out of a
 34,000-square-foot Victorian building in southeast London, has 1,900 part- and
 full-time students.  It is a member of the Universities and Colleges
 Admissions Service and the British Council Educational Counselling Service.
 Holborn received the Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 1982 for its role
 in international education.  For more information about Holborn College,
 please visit http://www.holborncollege.ac.uk.
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