Kashmir Terrorist Visits New York, Says KNN

Nov 20, 2001, 00:00 ET from Kashmir News Network

    NEW YORK, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Yasin Malik, a self-acknowledged
 terrorist, visited New York city for a meeting hosted at the Asia Society
 center on November 19, says Kashmir News Network (KNN).  Malik is a top leader
 of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) a notorious terrorist group
 that killed hundreds of civilians during the early 1990s in the northern
 Indian state of Kashmir.  At the start of the Kashmir insurgency, the JKLF was
 the main proxy force of Pakistan's notorious intelligence agency -- the ISI --
 which has since been heavily involved in the creation of the Taliban and in
 collaboration with Al Qaeda.  The ISI has also been linked to the Sept. 11
     By his own admission, Yasin Malik and the JKLF were involved in
 kidnappings and the murder of civilians in northern India.  In particular,
 they targeted members of the minority Kashmiri Hindu community.  In a riveting
 interview with Tim Sebastian, host of BBC's Hardtalk, Yasin Malik was forced
 to acknowledge his terrorist activities on television, but absolutely refused
 to apologize for his crimes.
     The interview makes abundantly clear that Malik continues to defend
 violence and refuses to accept responsibility for the attacks conducted by his
 group, the JKLF.  Malik's interview can be accessed via the internet at:
     The strategy of ethnic cleansing adopted by Malik and the JKLF succeeded
 in wiping out, or forcing out, the religious minorities of the Kashmir Valley.
 Using Islamic extremism as a weapon, and supported by money, arms, and
 training in Pakistan, the "success" of the JKLF in fomenting terrorism in
 northern India encouraged the proliferation of additional terrorism training
 camps that have turned Islamic extremist ideology into a deadly weapon.
 Evidence of this has recently surfaced with the U.S. mission in Afghanistan,
 where Kashmiri terrorists have been among those killed by U.S. bombs.  More
 evidence is available at KNN's website, http://www.iKashmir.org .
     Yasin Malik claims to have given up arms in the mid-1990's.  However, he
 is a senior leader of the Kashmir-based Hurriyat Conference, which is the
 political wing of terrorist groups that continue to be supported by Pakistan
 and Al Qaeda.  KNN believes that the entry into the United States of such
 individuals, who still maintain links to terrorism, is an insult to New
 Yorkers and all Americans, and should be thoroughly reviewed by the
 Immigration and Naturalization Service.
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SOURCE Kashmir News Network