Kashy Khaledi Extends Mean Streak... His 'Mean Magazine' Launches Vol. 2

Feb 23, 2004, 00:00 ET from Mean Magazine

    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- For four years, Mean Magazine blazed
 a trail for American pop culture, then, like the brightest-burning novas,
 disappeared from the publishing pantheon to leave only an indelible
 afterimage.  In June 2004 the magazine will launch its second volume with a
 redefined, more mature look, yet embracing the same bleeding-edge content and
 attitude that originally defined the brand.
     Mean was launched in 1997 as an alternative to the increasingly
 compartmentalized nature of pop culture.  With a name indicating something
 midway between extremes, a middle ground, the publication sought to integrate
 pop culture through genre mixing -- combing new with old, hip-hop with rock
 and everything in between -- while providing content that could broaden a
 cultural snapshot into a moving picture.  For a social trend reemerging as
 retro, for example, Mean would spotlight the current fad along with a tutorial
 of its roots.
     "True to its goal of embodying a cultural continuum, Mean didn't focus
 solely on the past and present; it catered to an audience thirsty for
 tomorrow's sights and sounds," explains publisher and creative director Kashy
 Khaledi.  "It was so far ahead of its time that if you want to know who
 today's cultural pioneers are, just look at our back issues: Outkast
 (interviewed by Beck in 2001), Sofia Coppola, The White Stripes, Jack Black,
 Scarlett Johansson, Spike Jonze, Radiohead, Johnny Knoxville, N.E.R.D., Maggie
 Gyllenhaal, The Flaming Lips... IT was this kind of prognostication that was
 important to our readership and still it."
     With the re-launch of Mean Vol. 2, Khaledi seeks to reconnect with a
 growing readership with defined, sophisticated tastes: trendsetters in
 fashion, music, travel, gaming and events as well as urban, educated, media-
 savvy consumers with a desire for hot brands and lifestyle advances.  "They
 travel, shop and think without borders.  They blaze their own trails then
 abandon them for new experiences," says Khaledi, who intends to skew the
 magazine to a slightly older (21-36) male demographic, adding inventive
 photography, fashion and design.
     "Mean Vol. 2 will offer American audiences 'something we've lost: a
 communal melting pot of ideas and trends,'" adds Andy Hunter, the original
 editor of Mean.
     Mean is headquartered at 6200 Franklin Ave., Suite 201, Los Angeles, CA
 90028.  Phone (310) 345-6493.  E-mail: kashy@meanmag.net (publisher/creative
 director), andy@meanmag.net (editor).  Website www.meanmag.net
     For further information, please contact Allison McGuire Young,
 +1-310-248-6120, amcguire@bwr-la.com, or Heather McGuire, +1-310-248-6141,
 hmcguire@bwr-la.com, both of B/W/R Public Relations, for Mean Magazine.

SOURCE Mean Magazine