Kazakhstan Launches its First Communications Satellite

Dec 29, 2005, 00:00 ET from Government of Kazakhstan

    ASTANA, Kazakhstan, December 29 /PRNewswire/ --
     - "The launch of the "KazSat" satellite will enable Kazakhstan to join
 the club of nations possessing their own geostationary satellites", - Daniel
 Akhmetov, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.
     According to Mr. Serik Turzhanov, head of "KazCosmos", Kazakhstan's
 National Space Company, the country will launch its first communications
 satellite "KazSat", today, December 29, 2005.
     The satellite will contain 10-12 Ku-band transponders and will provide
 television broadcasting, permanent satellite communications and data
 transmission. The satellite will cover Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Caucasus,
 South-Eastern Moldova, Ukraine and the Moscow suburbs.
     Once the satellite is launched, national satellite communication
 providers will be able to shift to KazSat. The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan,
 Mr. Akhmetov noted that "the exploitation of KazSat resources by domestic
 communications providers will allow Kazakhstan to become more independent
 from international satellite organizations and provide the country with
 budget savings." Moreover, the satellite communication channels will be
 rented to communication providers from other CIS countries.
     Kazakhstan's geostationary satellite, KazSat, was designed and
 constructed by the National Center of Satellite Communications of Kazakhstan
 together with the Russian Khrunichev Center which is the directing agency of
 the project. Kazakhstan spent USD $ 60 million to construct and launch its
 first national geostationary satellite.
     Space projects of Kazakhstan
     According to Mr. Serik Turzhanov, by 2011-2012 Kazakhstan plans to
 construct 3 groupings of satellites - a group of communication satellites, a
 group of earth remote sensing satellites, and a number of GPS satellites.
 Within the framework of the program, Kazakhstan also plans to launch three
 more communications satellites. This will enable Kazakhstan to fully meet
 domestic demand - including in rural areas - for TV and radio broadcasting,
 telephony, and multimedia channels of communication. The second national
 communications satellite will be launched in 2007, the third in 2008 and the
 forth in 2010. Moreover, by 2012, Kazakhstan plans to construct, with Russia,
 a group of 4 earth remote sensing satellites. These satellites can be used to
 predict natural and technogenic emergencies and earthquakes and put together
 land, water, forest cadastres. They can also be used in the solving of the
 global warming problems.
     In the coming 2-3 years Kazakhstan intends to invest USD $ 400 million to
 construct the satellites and adjacent infrastructure. KazCosmos estimates
 that in following five years private investments into the space industry of
 Kazkahstan will reach about USD$ 3 billion.
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SOURCE Government of Kazakhstan