KDDI Implements Telarix's iXTools Solution for Global Interconnect Optimization

Asian Tier-1 Carrier Gains Value With Rapidly Accessible

Business Intelligence and Network Data

Jan 17, 2005, 00:00 ET from Telarix, Inc.

    VIENNA, Va. and HONOLULU, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Telarix, Inc., the
 leading innovator of Interconnect Business Optimization solutions, today
 announced the successful implementation of its iXTools software platform at
 KDDI Corporation, one of Japan's largest telecommunications carriers.  KDDI
 selected iXTools to help the company streamline its interconnect business and
 automate KDDI's routing and dial digit management processes while enhancing
 the operational efficiency of its global network.
     KDDI uses iXTools to support its dial-code management procedures.
 Traditionally, interconnect carriers conduct business by exchanging rates to
 terminate calls in specific geographic locations based on the dial-codes used
 to reach those locations.  Because no single standard for international
 numbering plans exists, each carrier has had to create its own internal dial-
 codes for the thousands of geographic locations around the world.
     Today's carriers typically have partnerships with between 40 to 100
 different carriers, making management of the dial-codes for each partner's
 traffic, and the related rates to exchange calls through those partner
 networks, a highly complex task.  Telarix's iXTools is helping KDDI to
 automate and streamline its routing processes by providing current and
 accurate information on network costs, revenues, pricing and billing for every
     The implementation of Telarix's iXTools is also helping KDDI's network
 managers better track monthly traffic on their network, which allows KDDI to
 more accurately estimate end-of-month invoices and inter-carrier payments.
 Telarix's software solution provides detailed data that enables KDDI to manage
 invoice reconciliations should they arise.  With increased visibility into its
 network and a precise accounting of each call on its network, KDDI's business
 and operations managers can ensure that margins are optimized through
 operational efficiency and accuracy.
     "The technology behind iXTools offers a powerful solution with a high
 degree of functionality and a user-friendly interface," said Yasuyuki Koide,
 director and general manager of KDDI's carrier business department.
 "Telarix's iXTools allows us to make intelligent business decisions based on
 near real-time data from our network.  The fact that this project was
 completed on time, within budget and without disruption to normal operations
 is a testament to the expertise and cooperation of the Telarix and KDDI teams
 and this high-quality software solution."
     "Carriers need accurate data to help them better plan and execute their
 interconnect businesses," explained Amir Yazdanpanah, CEO of Telarix.  "The
 success of this implementation was made possible by the dedication and true
 partnership spirit of both teams.  Telarix looks forward to continued
 cooperation with KDDI to provide solutions that further impact its bottom
     About Telarix
     Telarix, Inc., the leading innovator in Interconnect Business Optimization
 (IBO) software solutions, gives telecommunications companies the ability to
 easily manage costs and drive profitability on their interconnect traffic.
 Telarix's innovative platform, iXTools, maximizes carrier profitability by
 leveraging operational intelligence to enable real-time business decisions.
 The company's web-based tools analyze and report on traffic, rates, and
 destinations almost as quickly as the calls move across the global network.
 The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Vienna, VA. Please
 visit for more information.
     About KDDI Corporation
     KDDI Corporation ( is the only single company
 in Japan that can provide full-service telecommunications and answer all
 customer needs from fixed-line to mobile telecommunications as well as
 comprehensive Internet services. Taking full advantage of the integrated
 strengths, the company realizes the convergence of Mobile and the Internet to
 create a highly advanced telecommunications environment and provide customers
 with unsurpassed service. KDDI restarted with the merger of DDI, KDD and IDO
 on October 1, 2000 to combine the cumulative business resources of three
 companies that include not only extensive achievements in the fields of
 domestic, international and mobile communications, but also world-renowned R&D
 capabilities and a cutting-edge infrastructure realized by an optical-fiber

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