Kellogg's Special K(R) Serves Up the Chocolatey Taste Women Love Without the Guilt

New Kellogg's Special K(R) Chocolatey Delight(TM) Cereal Gives Women a

Great- Tasting Evening Snack Option to Help Meet Weight-Management Goals

Dec 27, 2006, 00:00 ET from Kellogg Company

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Dec. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- What woman hasn't been
 there? It's late in the evening, the TV is on, and it's time for a little
 relaxation. Then, the desire for a delicious snack strikes; it's that
 critical time when even the best weight-management intentions can be easily
 derailed. Kellogg Company comes to the rescue with new Special K(R)
 Chocolatey Delight(TM) that lets women indulge in an evening snack without
 the guilt.
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     Women face "moments of truth" all day long -- times when the temptation
 for a great-tasting snack are the strongest. These desires often trigger
 feelings of guilt among women dedicated to meeting their weight-management
 goals. New Special K(R) Chocolatey Delight(TM) cereal -- featuring lightly
 toasted rice cereal flakes with decadent chocolatey pieces -- provides a
 delicious, lower-calorie option that satisfies those yearnings for a
 chocolatey snack.
     Great Chocolatey Taste Without the Guilt
     Women looking for a way to lose weight without as much sacrifice can
 replace their evening snack with a bowl of Special K(R) Chocolatey
 Delight(TM) cereal. Research shows by replacing a higher-calorie evening
 snack with a lower-calorie snack, like a bowl of Special K(R) Chocolatey
 Delight(TM) cereal, women may lose weight. A serving of Special K(R)
 Chocolatey Delight(TM) and a half cup of fat-free milk contains 160
 calories, compared to 344 calories in average evening snacks eaten after 6
 p.m., according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
     Another Snacking Solution from Special K(R)
     Women's eating habits can swing dramatically good to bad throughout the
 day, including during the evening hours, according to an August 2005 study
 by Insight Research Group for Kellogg Company. New Special K(R) Chocolatey
 Delight(TM) cereal joins an entire line of Special K(R) products developed
 to help women stay on track with their weight-management goals.
     "We know from talking with women that they want simple tips and tools,
 not rules, to help them meet their weight-management goals," said Kellogg
 Company's Alan Gravely, vice president of health and wellness marketing.
 "Special K(R) is committed to providing weight-loss solutions that work the
 way women want them to, by offering real foods, like new Special K(R)
 Chocolatey Delight(TM) cereal, that help them meet their weight-loss goals
 without feeling deprived."
     In addition, Special K(R) Chocolatey Delight(TM) is another snack women
 can enjoy as they participate in the Special K(R) Challenge -- a weight-
 management program developed by Special K(R) that helps women drop up to
 six pounds in just two weeks.
     New Special K(R) Chocolatey Delight(TM) cereal will be available in
 stores nationwide on Jan. 1. Learn more about new Special K(R) Chocolatey
 Delight(TM) cereal by searching for "Special K" at
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