Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Celebrates Evolution of Flight with 1903 Wright Flyer Replica and Space Station Traveling Exhibits

Feb 24, 2003, 00:00 ET from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla., Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning March 1,
 guests at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex can celebrate the 100th
 anniversary of powered flight by glimpsing both the history of human flight --
 a replica of man's first powered flight vehicle, the Wright Flyer -- as well
 as an interactive exhibit featuring one of mankind's greatest technological
 achievements to date, the International Space Station.
     The 70-acre Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex tells the NASA story --
 the story of space exploration -- to millions of visitors each year through
 tours, films and exhibits.  Both the Wright Flyer Replica and "Space Station
 Imagination" exhibits are included with admission to the Visitor Complex.
     Wright Flyer Replica:  Nearly 100 years after the dawn of powered flight,
 a highly authentic replica of the plane that launched a century of
 technological advances launches a journey of its own.  The American Institute
 of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) 1903 Wright Flyer, the result of a
 20-year effort to faithfully reproduce Orville and Wilbur Wright's historic
 biplane, will visit ten destinations nationwide and be seen by an estimated
 two million people.  The tour is sponsored by the AIAA as part of its
 Evolution of Flight centennial celebration.  The replica will be on display in
 the west wing of the IMAX(R) Theater at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex,
 March 1 - May 10, 2003.
     The first full-scale replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer, and the only one to
 be wind tunnel-tested, the AIAA Flyer is a virtual museum of the Wrights'
 groundbreaking work.  Among other distinctions, the 650-pound plane was built
 using drawings from the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, where the
 original is on display.  Later, rigorous wind tunnel tests conducted at NASA
 Ames Research Center allowed experienced pilots to virtually simulate the
 nearly impossible conditions of that initial flight.
     "Space Station Imagination" Exhibit:  From February 28 to March 24, 2003,
 NASA Johnson Space Center is bringing the excitement of human space flight to
 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, giving visitors the opportunity to feel
 what it's like to live in space on board the International Space Station.
     Visitors will board an interactive display and catch a glimpse of how
 astronauts live and work on board the space station.  "Space Station
 Imagination" comprises two 48-foot trailers, linked in an L-shape to form two
 modules of the space station: the Habitation Module, or living quarters, where
 the astronauts sleep, eat and tend to personal hygiene; and the Laboratory
 Module, where multiple microgravity experiments are performed.  Visitors do
 not see exact replicas of what the modules would look like, but rather
 examples of features of these two modules.
     Animatronics "astronaut" Dr. Emily greets visitors as she awakens to start
 her day on board this international orbiting laboratory.  Displays show how a
 space toilet and shower work like vacuum cleaners with very little gravity, as
 well as how astronauts can eat and sleep aboard the space station.  A
 centrifuge displays how scientists might study the effects of varying levels
 of gravity on plants, animals and materials.
     Using some actual footage from the space station, three five-minute video
 presentations entertain and inform viewers with the story of human space
 exploration and the space station program.
     The "Space Station Imagination" exhibit will be located outside the
 IMAX(R) Theater at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  The complete tour of
 the exhibit takes about 20 minutes.  The space station exhibit is accessible
 toe people with disabilities.
     The 1903 Wright Flyer and "Space Station Imagination" exhibits are free
 with admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  The Visitor Complex
 is open daily from 9 a.m. to approximately dusk, except December 25 and
 certain launch days.  Maximum Access Admission includes all exhibits,
 Astronaut Encounter, IMAX(R) space films, the KSC Tour of restricted areas,
 and the Astronaut Hall of Fame, featuring historic spacecrafts, simulator
 rides, and the world's largest collections of personal astronaut mementos.
 Maximum Access Admission is $33 + tax for adults and $23 + tax for children
 ages 3-11.  For more information, call 321-449-4444 or visit .
     For specific information on the Wright Flyer exhibit, visit or contact Merrie Scott, AIAA, at 703-264-7530.  For
 information on the "Space Station Imagination" exhibit, please call Tiffanie
 Cordell at Johnson Space Center at (281) 244-1247.
              Information on media sneak previews of both exhibits
                          will be provided next week.

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