Kids Across the Nation Dream Up Flavorful Ideas for the World's Coolest Frozen Pop

10 Pint-Sized Flavorologists Will Put Their Flavors to the Test in Nestle Ice

Cream's Top Secret Lab

Sep 13, 2005, 01:00 ET from Nestle Ice Cream

    OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Earlier this year,
 Nestle Ice Cream invited kids throughout the U.S. to try out for a chance to
 be a "Frozen Pop Flavorologist" by dreaming up new ideas for the world's
 coolest frozen pop.  After considering more than 4,000 unique submissions, a
 panel of Nestle judges has selected the ten most creative flavors.  This
 October, the winning flavorologists will enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to
 visit the top secret flavor lab (never before open to the public!) at the
 Nestle Ice Cream factory in Southern California where they will sample one of
 the tastiest jobs in America.  In addition to a behind-the-scenes tour, each
 child will have an opportunity to learn the cool science behind frozen pops,
 put their taste buds to the test on a variety of outlandish frozen pop flavors
 currently in "development" (including hot bubble gum and macaroni & cheese)
 and sample the ten winning flavor creations.
     Nestle Ice Cream's team of top flavorologists is putting in extra hours at
 the flavor lab to produce a special batch of each winning flavor just in time
 for the October event.  Each child will take a lick at the following
 kid-friendly inventions:
     PB&J POP (Emma B., 10 years old, Martinez, GA) -- The sweet, gooey,
 kid-friendly flavor of a PB&J sandwich moves from the lunchbox to the frozen
 pop.  The tart flavor of raspberry jam sandwiched between two layers of
 smooth, creamy peanut butter definitely makes this snack a chilly classic.
     HIP HOP BUTTERSCOTCH (Dylan R., 11 years old, Wodbury, CT) -- Bebop with a
 frozen pop that mixes the creamy candy taste of butterscotch with the smooth
 sweet flavor of vanilla.
     CHERRY CHERRY BANG BANG (Brian H., 8 years old, Jackson, NJ) --
 Terrifically sweet and undoubtedly crunchy, this pop certainly packs a mega
 cherry punch.  One bite through the crunchy candy coating into the cherry
 sherbet center will make your mouth cheer.
     BLUEBERRY SYRUP BREAKFAST WAFFLE (Raymond D., 11 years old, Monroe, MI) --
 Hot off the griddle and right into your freezer, get the taste of breakfast
 any time with this wild waffle-flavored combo.  Big blueberries swirled with
 the taste of syrup make this frozen pop a great snack all day long.
     STOP POP (Haley H., 8 years old, Thousand Oaks, CA) -- Stop traffic with
 your very own fruit-flavored frozen stoplight.  Tiers of sweet cherry, zippy
 lemon and luscious lime are sure to cause a traffic jam.
     CARAMEL APPLE CARNIVAL POP (Rhiannon T., 10 years old, Abbeville, SC) --
 From the fairground to your freezer, this frozen pop has a juicy apple core
 surrounded by a smooth caramel coating.
     BANANA SPLIT ON A STICK (Shannon L., 10 years old, Cypress, TX) -- This
 banana-shaped treat has all the yummy ingredients that made the banana split
 famous.  Lick up layers of creamy banana, rich chocolate and sweet strawberry.
     SPARKLING JEWELS POP (Hailey M., Coeur d'Alene, ID, 7 years old) -- Make
 your taste buds sparkle with this glittery flavored pop.  A runway-worthy
 bubble gum flavored pop decked out with edible pink glitter makes this perfect
 pop almost too pretty to eat.
     FRUIT CONFUSION (Amber B., 12 years old, Silvis, IL) -- Half of this pop
 is purple, but tastes like pineapple.  The other half is yellow and looks like
 lemon, but when you take a lick it is actually green apple.  This confusing
 mystery pop will keep you guessing!
     STRAWBERRY LIME SLIME (Ivanna S., 7 years old, Greenland, NH) -- A splash
 of red slime (strawberries) and a cup of green ooze (orange juice and
 limeade), mixed together for a crazy frozen pop concoction that's out of this
     "Our pint-sized flavorologists froze out the competition and licked the
 other contestants by coming up with a unique combination of clever names and
 imaginative flavors," said John Harrison, Official Taster for Nestle Ice
 Cream.  "It will be a pleasure to tempt my million dollar taste buds on such a
 mouth-watering assortment of frozen pops this October."
     In addition to creating one-of-a-kind frozen pops, each child will scoop
 up a $1,000 U.S. Savings Bond and a year's supply of Nestle kids frozen
 snacks.  They will also receive a special box of their winning frozen pops
 (made especially for them in Nestle's Flavor lab) to share with family and
 friends after the event.
     To coincide with the 100th birthday of the frozen pop, Nestle Ice Cream
 offers 14 kids' frozen snacks that provide a health benefit in every lick!
 The kid-friendly offering includes frozen pops with real fruit juice (Scooby
 Doo(TM) Mystery Pops(TM), Splash Pops(R), Teen Titans(TM) Hero Pops(TM) and
 Shooting Stars(TM)), frozen pops with 100% DV of Vitamin C (Fruit Fuel(TM)),
 dairy snacks with calcium fortification (Miniwiches(TM), Double Fudge Pops and
 Scooby Doo(TM) Ice Cream Push Up(R) treats) and no sugar added snacks (NSA
 Double Fudge Pops, NSA Splash Pops and NSA Fruit Fuel).
     NOTE:  All trademarks are owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S. A.,
 Vevey, Switzerland.

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