KLG Report Details How Companies Are Using Geographic Diversification to Effectively Respond to Technology Talent Shortages

Sep 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from KLG

    NEW YORK, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Access to sufficient quantities of
 qualified workers is perhaps the single greatest challenge facing high
 technology employers today. Demand for information technologists,
 engineers, and other high technology workers remains strong. However, as a
 result of fundamental demographic and geographic trends, supply is not
 expanding rapidly enough to satisfy this demand.
     KLG, a consultancy that specializes in corporate location strategy, has
 released a new report that details how companies are using innovative
 location strategies that rely on geographic diversification to successfully
 respond to this challenge. This "Balanced Portfolio Approach" incorporates
 the establishment of new, large-scale nearshore and offshore locations, as
 well as specialized Centers of Excellence, to provide a powerful
 competitive advantage by ensuring the required supply of employees with the
 necessary skills, and sustainable cost savings.
     Tremendous progress has been made in recent years by many companies
 through the use of offshore markets in developing countries. However, in
 many instances, the labor supply limits have been reached or exceeded and
 the functions that can operate successfully in these markets are now there.
     Establishing alternative domestic locations, "nearshoring", provides
 increased access to new, large pools of high-quality talent, lower
 competition to attract and retain this talent, and very significant cost
 savings relative to core headquarters locations. Many companies are not yet
 fully exploiting nearshore opportunities. Those that are have quickly
 established a competitive advantage over competitors who have not.
     Finally, companies across a broad range of industries are increasingly
 finding themselves reliant on very specialized talent (e.g., mathematicians
 or statisticians for risk management or simulation functions, highly
 specialized computer scientists or engineers for product development or
 research functions, etc.). Highly-focused Centers of Excellence,
 strategically located, can provide a strong competitive advantage in
 obtaining such workers by providing them with preferred lifestyle options
 not available with other employers.
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