Kodiak Oil and Gas announces three rigs on location and fourth rig under contract

Sep 29, 2005, 01:00 ET from Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.

    DENVER, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. (TSX
 Venture: KOG; U.S. symbol KOGGF) today provided an operations update on its
 Green River Basin (Sweetwater County, WY) and Williston Basin (Sheridan
 County, MT and Divide County, ND) oil and gas properties. The Company
 currently has two non-operated rigs drilling in Sweetwater County, WY and has
 secured drilling contracts for two additional rigs that will be operating in
 the Williston Basin on properties operated by Kodiak. The Company expects to
 participate in the drilling of 10 gross wells (3.70 net wells) during the
 remainder of 2005 and into the first part of 2006 with estimated capital
 expenditures of $5.9MM.
     Kodiak President and CEO, Lynn Peterson, noted that, "This will be an
 exciting period in Kodiak's initial growth phase. Our increased activity is an
 indicator of our commitment to proving up our various Rocky Mountain
 leaseholdings. We are fortunate to obtain drilling contracts in the tight
 Rockies drilling and service market and intend to accelerate activity to take
 advantage of the rigs. This will complete our exploration program as set forth
 in early 2005 which we expanded due to our drilling success. As a result of
 the exercise of the warrants in August, the Company is completely funded for
 its drilling program."
     Green River Basin, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
     Chicken Springs
     Development drilling operations have commenced on this prospect (50%
 Working Interest; non-operator) to develop the potential of the Almond sands
 and coals. The PRFED 14100 4-29 well is currently drilling to an expected
 total depth of 6,200 feet. Upon completion of drilling operations, estimated
 at ten days, the rig will be moved to the PRFED 14100 4-32 well location.
 Kodiak will frac and complete the wells and evaluate both the sands and the
 coals in the well bore. Production will be tied into the existing production
 facilities. Installation of compression facilities is in progress and should
 be completed in mid-November. Current production from the Unit is 100-200 Mcf
 of gas per day, surface constrained. With the addition of compression,
 production should increase significantly.
     A third well, the PRFed 14100 2-31, will be drilled within the Chicken
 Springs Unit to evaluate the potential of the Almond coals by horizontally
 drilling one of the existing coal seams. Based upon a thick coal seam that is
 present in several surrounding wells and from seismic evaluation, the prospect
 lends itself to the horizontal technology. The drilling program projects two
 laterals out of one well bore extending 1,000-4,000 feet each.
     Chicken Ranch
     The 8-9 Chicken Ranch Unit well (33.33% WI; non-operator) will commence
 drilling today to an estimated total depth of 8,600 feet to test the natural
 gas potential in the Almond and Ericson Formations. The well is a one mile
 offset to the Kinney Rim 3-5 well drilled by Anschutz Corp in 1982. The well
 was completed in the Ericson sands flowing 740 Mcf gas per day. Due to the
 lack of pipelines and the price of gas, the well was plugged and abandoned by
 Anschutz. Kodiak's working interest ranges from 16.67% to 88% under 7,858
 gross acres in the Chicken Ranch Federal Unit.
     Pacific Isle
     Production from the 15 wells was tied into the sales line and gas sales
 commenced in early September, 2005. Production rates, while minimal, will
 defray operating expenses during the continuing dewatering process. Desorption
 is proceeding as expected and Kodiak awaits results to evaluate the ultimate
 productive potential of the project.
     The Masterson Federal No. 24-11 well (40% WI; non-operator) was completed
 in the Second Frontier Formation at a depth of 6,234 to 6,288 feet. The well
 was connected to a pipeline and placed on production in August 2005 with
 current production of approximately 315 Mcf gas per day. One development
 location is being permitted and will be drilled once approved and a drilling
 rig becomes available.
     Williston Basin
     Lowell/North Wrangler Prospects (Sheridan County, Montana)
     The Company commenced production from the State 8-16 well, located in
 Sheridan County, MT, on September 6, 2005 (25% WI; operated by Kodiak). The
 well was drilled to a depth of 7,615 feet and has produced 1,373 barrels of
 oil from the Mission Canyon Formation in 17 days. Over this time period the
 well has been flowing naturally without any artificial lift or stimulation.
 The Company will continue to evaluate production from the well before
 installing a pump to increase production rates.
     The Company has contracted a drilling rig that is moving on location and
 will commence operations the first week of October. The Company plans to
 commence a drilling program consisting of two development wells and one
 exploratory test to evaluate the Mission Canyon Formation. Depending upon the
 drilling results, the Company could continue the drilling program as it is
 permitting six additional locations on the prospect lands and can retain the
 drilling rig if the program develops. Kodiak owns a 25% working interest under
 8,429 acres under the Cinnamon Bear Project, consisting of the Lowell and
 North Wrangler Prospects.
     Great Bear Prospect (Divide County, North Dakota)
     Kodiak has contracted a drilling rig, scheduled to be on location the
 first half of November, to evaluate the Red River potential on its Great Bear
 Prospect (37.5% WI; operated by Kodiak) in Divide County, ND. Kodiak has
 pooled its acreage with other leaseholders in the 3-D seismic area and has a
 37.5% working interest in 11,616 gross acres. The Company is permitting two
 locations on the prospect lands. The first test will be drilled into the Red
 River Formation at 10,550 feet and then an approximate 4,000 foot lateral will
 be drilled. The well is an offset of a well drilled in 1984 that has produced
 175,000 barrels of oil to date and is currently producing 15 barrels of oil
 per day. The second well will be vertically drilled to an approximate depth of
 10,750 feet. This drilling program will be completed during the first quarter
 of 2006.
     Grizzly Prospect (McKenzie County, North Dakota)
     The Company recently acquired an additional 800 acres within the fairway
 of the horizontal Bakken play in Richland County, MT down into McKenzie
 County, North Dakota. The acreage is contiguous to the Company's existing
 acreage holdings increasing its total acreage to 3,307 gross acres
 (37.5% WI; operated by Kodiak). A private company is currently drilling two
 horizontal wells directly offsetting the acreage to the north. The Company is
 completing the permitting process for a location on its Grizzly prospect. The
 Company intends to use the same rig it has under contract for the Great Bear
 Prospect and the drilling will commence the first quarter of 2006.
     About Kodiak Oil & Gas
     Kodiak Oil & Gas, headquartered in Denver, is an independent energy
 exploration and development company focused on exploring, developing and
 producing oil and natural gas in the Williston and Greater Green River Basins
 in the U.S. Rocky Mountains. The common shares of the Company are listed for
 trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "KOG" and the U.S. symbol
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